Xiaomi once again has released an update to its three-year flagship Mi 6

Company Xiaomi recently released a fresh firmware update for which was released three years ago, the model Mi 6. According to many experts, the version of the smartphone has already become a cult in China.

Xiaomi в очередной раз выпустила обновление для своего трехлетнего флагмана Mi 6

Released update gadget MIUI V11.0.5.0 allows you to optimize the performance of a classic Mi 6 . In particular, it allows to make the interface smoother, correct the discomfort due to the impossibility of opening the curtains and displaying the number of contacts in the white list, as well as improve focus.

It is noteworthy that the cult of the model Mi 6 involves the comparison of any version of the new device from Xiaomi, including Mi 10. By the way, there is insider information on a possible restart 6 Mi in the future with the same visual settings, but with the new technical content.

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