Xi Jinping opposes unilateral sanctions

Xi Jinping opposes unilateral sanctions

Xi Jinping opposed unilateral sanctions

Xi Jinping   Xi Jinping spoke out against unilateral sanctions

Opening the BRICS summit, the Chinese leader said that the countries of the world should abandon the mentality of the «cold war» and bloc confrontation

Chinese President Xi Jinping opened the meeting of the leaders of the largest developing countries, saying that the world must resist unilateral sanctions and the efforts of individual countries to maintain their political and military power.

Xi's speech Jinping at a virtual meeting of the BRICS leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa was a reflection of Russia's tacit support for its war in Ukraine and its desire to form an international alliance against the US-led liberal democratic order.

The BRICS summit is taking place amid heightened concerns about the global economic outlook and a growing political divide between China and India.

Countries need to “relinquish the Cold War mentality and bloc confrontation, oppose unilateral sanctions and abuses of sanctions , as well as abandon hegemonic small groups, forming one big family belonging to the community with a common future for I am humanity,” Xi Jinping said, according to the official Xinhua news agency.