“X-ray vision” appeared in Xiaomi long before OnePlus

“X-ray vision” appeared in Xiaomi long before OnePlus. Netizens said that this option is present in Poco F1 and Xiaomi Mi 8, which entered the market 2 years ago.

«Рентгеновское зрение» появилось в Xiaomi задолго до OnePlus

The theme of the so-called “x-ray vision” continues to haunt the minds of a huge number of Internet users. First appeared information about the fact that this option is present in OnePlus 8 Pro. It allows you to educate any subject, and even look under the clothes of a man. It almost became a sensation for those wishing to purchase mobile new, but the helpful users of the forum Reddit were quick to disappoint them. As it turned out, “x-ray vision” appeared two years ago, however, to activate the option you must take several steps, including the download of Google Play app “IR camera – Poco F1/Mi8”. Moreover, experts claim that this technology is present in almost all models where there is a powerful infrared sensors.

By the way, earlier in the company OnePlus announced that they are planning to disable the “x-ray vision”, because this option violates privacy and creates security risks. Later it became known that this will affect only Chinese devices with IOS HydrogenOS.

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