WTA US Open: Tsvetana Pironkova vs Serena Williams live stream, preview, betting tips

WTA US Open: Tsvetana Pironkova vs Serena Williams live stream, preview, betting tips

Tsvetana Pironkova vs Serena Williams live stream
Tsvetana Pironkova – Serena Williams. Prediction for the WTA US Open match (September 9, 2020)

Tsvetana Pironkova, who returned to the tour, on September 9 at the US Open will fight with Serena Williams for the right to play in the semifinals. In the match forecast, our analyst assesses the tennis players’ chances of winning.

Tsvetana Pironkova

On the eve of the start of YUS Open, most of the forecasts regarding the successful return of Tsvetana Pironkova to the tour were pessimistic. Yet for three years, the tennis player did not play in official WTA tournaments. However, in reality, everything turned out to be not at all so bad for the Bulgarian tennis player.

Tsvetana has four victorious matches behind him in New York. In all the fights, the representative of Bulgaria was underestimated by the analysts of the bookmakers, acting as an outsider. Pironkova reached the 1/8 finals without losing sets. Moreover, the tournament grid was far from the easiest: Samsonova, Mugurus, Vekich. In each of the matches, she found the keys to the game of her opponents.

The most difficult match was the 1/8 final against the tenacious and unyielding Alize Korne (6-4, 6-7, 6-3). At the end of the long match, physical fitness and endurance came to the fore. Here again it was Tsvetana who showed her best side.

Serena Williams

It is difficult to unequivocally assess the current readiness of Serena Williams for a possible trophy at US Open. At the moment, her tournament path is far from the most convincing. And the point is not even that two out of four matches were played in three sets. There is no improvement in the quality of the game during the tournament. After all, traditionally, Serena is gaining shape already during long competitions. This is not the case now.

In the last two fights against Stevens (2-6, 6-2, 6-2) and Sakkari (6-3, 6-7, 6-3) Williams periodically dropped out of the game and acted not too confidently on the reception. Even Stevens, with her not the most formidable serve in the first set, created many problems for Serena.

Williams won four head-to-head matches
In two of the four face-to-face fights, Pironkova won a set from Serena
In none of the four victorious matches at US Open Williams did she have a head start (-6) games

During her performance in New York, Tsvetana Pironkova presented numerous surprises and is unlikely to stop in front of Serena Williams. Even in much better times, against the more formidable Serena, the Bulgarian tennis player imposed a fight.

Now the American has definitely not become stronger, but Pironkova is clearly at her peak and on a crazy courage. We offer a forecast for the underdog’s positive handicap.

Our prediction is that Pironkova will win with a handicap (+6) games for the odds of 1.56 in BC Marathonbet.

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