Writers claim artist status

Writers claim artist status

The Union of writers and writers of Quebec (UNEQ) claims the status of artist within the meaning of the law for its members as is the case for craftsmen of the performing arts, cinema or musicians.

The association’s request is part of the consultation conducted by the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communications on the subject of the law on the status of the artist.

Laurent Dubois, director general of UNEQ, explains that there is no collective agreement that protects writers, which means that they find themselves negotiating alone with increasingly large publishers. He mentions in particular contracts containing unfair terms, in particular with regard to the transfer of rights.

In the audiovisual field, for example, screenwriters benefit from minimum working conditions and recourse in the event of a dispute. UNEQ asks that its members be considered artists within the meaning of the law (S-32) so that publishers are forced to negotiate collective agreements, which they are not currently required to do.

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