Wounded “Wagnerites” may be “treated” by Putin's daughter

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Wounded Wagnerites may be being treated by Putin's daughter

Illustrative photo from open sources

Mercenaries of the so-called “Wagner Private Military Company”, wounded in Ukraine, are being treated at the clinic “My Medical Center” in St. Petersburg.

According to Radio Liberty, she is associated with a friend of the main rashist billionaire Yuri Kovalchuk and Putin's daughter Maria Vorontsova.

January 18 in the telegram channel “Prigozhin's Cap” a video was published showing how the founder of Wagner PMC Evgeny Prigozhin “visits soldiers with severe wounds undergoing rehabilitation in one of the clinics in St. Petersburg.” The video footage shows how Prigogine communicates with a man recovering from an injury using an exoskeleton, which reduces the load on the legs and lower spine.

Radio Liberty discovered that the footage of Prigozhin's meeting with this mercenary was filmed in the former SOGAZ clinic. on Malaya Konyushennaya street. Previously, the clinic was called "SOGAZ Medicine", but rebranded. A photograph of the room where Prigozhin was captured on video is placed first in the photo gallery on the website of the Rehabilitation Clinic of the MMC.

The fact that the “Wagnerites” who fought in Syria and Ukraine are being treated in the clinic “SOGAZ Medicine” in St. Petersburg, Radio Liberty told in its investigation in November 2021. Then the editors managed to find out that the clinic also served the closest friends of the Russian president, the heads of the Federal Security Service, the representative of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko and other representatives of the Russian power elite.

The rebranding of the clinic was associated with sanctions against SOGAZ JSC; introduced by the European Union on February 28, shortly after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In August 2022, the managers of Nomeko JSC, a partner company of the SOGAZ insurance group, became the new owners of the network of clinics. Vladislav Baranov remained the head of the clinic: in September, the participants of LLC "My Medical Center" elected him Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Through Vladislav Baranov and Nomeco; the clinic is connected with the daughter of Vladimir Putin, Maria Vorontsova: Baranov is a co-owner of Nomeko, and this company is behind the construction of the High-Tech Multifunctional Medical Complex; in the Leningrad region. The shareholder of Nomeko, according to official documents, is also Maria Vladimirovna Vorontsova. With "Sogaz" Vladimir Putin's nephew, Mikhail Shelomov, is also related.

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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