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World Energy wants to sell its surplus energy to China Hydro NL.

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The wind farm would produce up to three gigawatts of energy, almost four times the output of the Muskrat hydroelectric dam Falls. (Archive photo)

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The promoter of a park giant wind turbine details its plan to sell its surplus energy to Hydro Newfoundland and Labrador.

World Energy GH2 proposes to build at least 328 200 meter high wind turbines in the west of the island.

If given the green light by the provincial government, this vast wind farm would produce up to three gigawatts of energy, almost four times the output of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam, and power a hydrogen and ammonia plant greens in Stephenville.

But some of this energy could be used for the public electricity grid, according to the president of World Energy GH2, John Risley.

We will have a lot of extra electricity in the winter, when the winds blow steadily, and we will need electricity in the summer, when the winds are milder.

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Billionaire John Risley leads the World Energy GH2 megaproject in western Newfoundland.

John Risley points out that electricity demand is very high in Newfoundland and Labrador during the winter, when people turn up the heat. The Public Services Board is even concerned about the possibility of running out of electricity during the coldest months of the year.

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During the summer, electricity demand drops by half because very few households in Newfoundland and Labrador use air conditioners.

It is therefore easy to imagine a very fruitful relationship […] where we give electricity during the winter and take it during the summer, says John Risley, speaking to CBC. Everyone benefits.

World Energy GH2, whose large-scale project caused a series of protests on the west coast of Earth- Neuve, wants to sell between 300 and 400 megawatts of electricity to Hydro NL. when the first 164 wind turbines will be built on the Port-au-Port peninsula.

The company could sell one gigawatt (1000 megawatts) once the second phase is built, in the Codroy Valley.

For comparison, the $13.5 billion Muskrat Falls Dam produces 824 megawatts of electricity. Its transmission network, whose reliability is still questioned, is capable of transporting only 700 megawatts at present.

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Muskrat Falls Dam, on the Churchill River, Labrdaor, in November 2023.

John Risley recalls that according to Hydro NL forecasts, the Crown corporation must double its electricity production by here 2050. The energy company is considering its options at present. Several construction projects are being considered.

We can increase production capacity without the electricity company investing a penny, says John Risley.< /p>

Radio-Canada reported in October that Hydro N.L. assessed a connection request filed by World Energy GH2. The Crown corporation stressed at the time that if the company wants to connect to the public electricity grid, it will have to finance the work at its own expense.

Hydro NL spokesperson Jill Pitcher would not comment on discussions with World Energy GH2, but said all options must be evaluated. A decision on future electricity sources depends on potential costs, reliability and environmental impacts, she said.

The study of the project's environmental impact, filed in October, World Energy GH2 very briefly mentions the expected benefits of possibly supplying the [provincial] network with electricity, without giving further details.

World Energy wants to sell its surplus energy to Hydro NL.BROADCAST HERE FIRST.The alarm clock/Nova Scotia and NL.

World Energy wants to sell its surplus energy at Hydro NL

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Listen to the audio (World Energy wants to sell its surplus energy to Hydro NL. 8 minutes 37 seconds)< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">At least five companies are proposing to build giant wind farms in Newfoundland right now. Hydro NL confirms that it is in discussions with other companies, without naming them.

The company Everwind, which offers a wind farm and a production factory hydrogen and ammonia production on the Burin Peninsula, says it will not need to connect to the public grid.

Director of the project, Sam Imbeault, told CBC that his project will be completely self-sufficient and that he is not in discussions with Hydro at this time.

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