World Cup Predictions: Who Will Be World Champion? odds

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World Cup predictions: who will be world champion? The odds

À each start of the competition, predictions and bets feed the conversations, here are the odds for the final victory

Reigning world champion, the French football team will Will she keep her title or suffer like her predecessors, the curse of the world champion? According to several major players in football, France remains a serious candidate for the title, but Brazil and Argentina seem to be the best armed this year.

Erling Haaland, absent from this World Cup, gives four nations including the France team in an interview with; the BBC. "I can't give just one favorite because there are too many good teams. I would say Brazil, Argentina, France and maybe England.” Angel Di Maria, also puts a ticket on France for this World Cup without forgetting the historic European nations in an interview with La Nacion published before the start of the World Cup. "If we think of the candidates for the World Cup… France immediately comes to mind; mind. Because they are world champions. because of the quantity and quality of the players they have. But World Cups can be treacherous, it's hard to expand this list. .. Germany and Spain could also be mentioned, but at the same time they are nations that are in transition. "

The odds for the title of world champion

Be aware that these odds have been taken on the sites, and and that they are subject to change after the publication of this paper.

  • Brazil odds 5.00
  • Argentina odds 6.50
  • France odds 8.00
  • England odds 10.00
  • Spain odds 10.00
  • Germany odds 13.00
  • Netherlands odds 16.00
  • Portugal, odds of 18.00
  • Belgium, odds of 20.00
  • Denmark, odds of 35.00
  • Uruguay, odds of 50.00
  • Croatia, odds of 55.00
  • Serbia odds of 125.00
  • Senegal odds of 125.00
  • Switzerland odds of 125.00
  • Mexico odds of 200.00
  • ÉUnited States odds of 200.00
  • Poland odds of 250.00
  • &Ecuador odds of 250.00
  • Wales, odds of 300.00
  • Morocco, odds of 300.00
  • Republic of Korea, odds of 300.00
  • Japan, odds of 400.00
  • Cameroon odds of 500.00
  • Ghana odds of 500.00
  • Canada odds of 500.00
  • Qatar odds of 500.00
  • Australia odds 500.00
  • Iran odds 750.00
  • Tunisia odds 1000.00
  • Saudi Arabia odds 1000.00
  • Costa Rica, odds of 1000.00