Adrien Rabiot is aware of his physical and mental evolution with the France team. Now more serene about his ability to make a difference in midfield, the 27-year-old is confident of his strengths and more mature than ever.

World Cup 2022: the metamorphosis of Adrien Rabiot with the Blues

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Present at a press conference the day after the last round of 16 which saw Morocco and Portugal qualify at the expense of Spain and Switzerland, Adrien Rabiot spoke on many subjects. The midfielder of the France team notably commented on his evolution with the France team between the last World Cup in Russia, for which he had refused to be a reserve, and the one currently taking place in Qatar. Indeed, the Juventus player returned to his relationship with Didier Deschamps, the coach of the Blues. “We always had good relations even before 2018, even before what happened at the World Cup,” first recalled the Juventus player.

But if all goes well today, there were also a few clashes, including the one after Adrien Rabiot was not accepted for his role in the World Cup in Russia. “After that it was two years where we had no contact at all before I came back in 2020 and when I came back we immediately spoke with the coach and it went very well. It's true that I didn't really know what to expect at the start, but there was a very good relationship right away and then from selection to selection this relationship really improved. We got to know each other better. He understands me better, he knows my personality better and it's true that today we are much closer” confided the tricolor midfielder.

Thank you Allegri

In addition to his good period with the France team, Adrien Rabiot knows that if he is there today, he owes it mainly to the work he does on a daily basis with his club Juventus. “The physical aspect is essential so that I can really use all my potential. I have to be really good physically. This is what I have worked on a lot since I have been at Juventus, for four seasons now and it is true that I quickly felt this change. It allows me to be really active for 90 minutes, to be able to not slow down or very little throughout a match. This is what made me evolve, before I sometimes had some holes for several minutes. And the fact of being very well physically also helps me technically and I can make the most of my qualities” confirms the principal concerned in particular.

And if there is anyone who is responsible for this metamorphosis, it is his coach at Juventus, Massimiliano Allegri. Adrien Rabiot is aware that he owes a lot to the man who had wanted to attract him to Piedmont before being replaced by Maurizio Sarri. “I would say that over the two seasons with Allegri he was very important to me. He helped me develop my game. He still helps me too, he is the one who pushes me to attack, he often repeats that I am a player who can score a lot of goals and be decisive and therefore has this level has a lot to do with it. I also work a lot on the video with the staff of Allegri and that helps me a lot too» confirmed the native of Saint-Maurice.

The best period of his career

To succeed in his bet to participate in the World Cup in Qatar with the Blues, the midfielder has strengthened in “almost all sectors” even if he qualifies as base more like a technically comfortable player. “As I said, it's being focused, having less downtime over the duration of a match, being able to contribute offensively, being decisive. This year I have already scored a lot of goals, some assists. This is an important aspect, I have the qualities to do it. The fact of working on it more in training, of believing in it more, of believing in myself. These are things that we develop over time and all that means that I have become a more complete player than a few years ago, rejoiced Adrien Rabiot before continuing on his current form.

The former Parisian confirms that this is indeed his peak in terms of intrinsic level. “It's true that I've been going through a very good period, footballing speaking, for several months at Juventus and now at this World Cup. I would say it also comes with the fact that I have grown, I have matured, that my football has also grown. From the moment I stopped asking myself questions about my positioning, I felt better on the pitch. Being freer on the field and in my head allows me to express myself better. I would say that it is without doubt the best period that I have had in my career” he notably concluded with a smile. It's safe to say the 27-year-old is currently at the height of his career, hoping that helps the Blues earn a third star on the pitch. See you on Saturday (8 p.m.) for the quarter-final against England!

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