After Spain's defeat against Morocco, many Spanish players appeared at a press conference to explain this failure.

World Cup 2022: the bitter responses of Luis Enrique and his players after the elimination of Spain

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    Morocco 0 – 0

    World Cup 2022: the bitter responses of Luis Enrique and his players after the elimination of Spain

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Drama this afternoon. Morocco knocked out Spain and secured their ticket to the quarter-finals of the competition, going all the way to a penalty shootout to clinch that precious ticket. On the Spanish side, inevitably, the reactions of the actors of the meeting were expected. That of Luis Enrique was logically the most anticipated.

“We represent a country like Spain, so first of all you have to know how to congratulate Morocco. They were better than us in this penalty shootout. If it's cruel? Football is a wonderful sport, but yes there are possibilities for a team that does not attack to win. We dominated and we tried to create chances, we struggled, but we shot eleven times, including only three shots on target. I am proud of my players, I congratulate them. I chose the first three shooters. Bounou is a spectacular keeper and he was huge today. We gave 100%, I'm sorry for the supporters , launched Luis Enrique, without wanting to answer questions about his future.

Very different reactions

“We weren't good on penalties and we're going home. We expected them to play behind, like in most games, but I don't know what else to say, if only someone up there could have helped us with the penalties. When you give everything … The team gave everything, we deserved to pass “, thus launched Rodri, who was perhaps the best Spaniard on this World Cup, repositioned in defense. “It hurts, I don't think we deserved it. We didn't manage to capitalize on our chances, but I'm proud of the team. There were times when we played against 12. Penalties are the lottery, we had worked on that but it didn't work for us today , replied a Ferran Torres annoyed by the arbitration. Unai Simon didn't want to look for an excuse: “there are a lot of surprises, the matches are quite balanced in this World Cup, there is a big defensive level. Yes, it pisses us off, but that's the way it is'.

“It was a very physical match, with Moroccans defending behind. It was difficult. We had a chance at the last second and we took the door in the most cruel way,” said Sergio Busquets, who missed his attempt during the penalty shootout. “That's what sometimes happens with penalties. You play a great game and you fail to score, anything can happen on penalties. It was difficult, they were tucked behind, the lawn was not helping. They were very good in defence, very hardworking,” explained Marcos Llorente, who was playing his first game today. The next few hours are going to be very tough on the other side of the Pyrenees.


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