Large winner of South Korea (4-1), the Seleção impressed the whole football world. But the Auriverdes are still controversial, especially because of their behavior deemed too arrogant.

World Cup 2022: the behavior of the Brazilian players and Tite is outrageous!

  • World Cup 2022: the behavior of the Brazilian players and Tite is outrageous!

    Brazil 4 – 1

    World Cup 2022: the behavior of the players from Brazil and Tite causes a scandal!

    South Korea

    • Vinícius Júnior 7'
    • Neymar 13' (sp .)
    • Richarlison 29'
    • Lucas Paquetá 36'
    • Paik Seung-Ho 76'

The sequel after this commercial

Brazil had a very good evening this Monday, December 5, 2022. The Seleção confirmed their status as big favorites for this 2022 World Cup by beating South Korea 4 goals to 1 in the round of 16. An XXL victory accompanied by the convincing return of Neymar, visibly recovered from his big ankle injury. Questioned at the end of the match, the number 10 auriverde also returned to the difficult moments which preceded his return to competition.

Roy Keane gets the Brazilians

But last night, Brazilian players and staff were smiling. Rare enough to be underlined, even Tite let himself go by celebrating with his players one of the goals scored by his team. It was Richarlison's, which allowed us to see the national coach doing the pigeon dance (the nickname of his attacker, editor's note). And what is certain is that Roy Keane did not appreciate. But then not at all. The former Manchester United midfielder didn't have his tongue in his pocket when talking about the Brazilian celebrations.

“I can't believe what I see, I can't believe what I watch, it's like watching Strictly Come Dancing. I do not like it. People say it's their culture. But I think it's really disrespectful to the opponent. There were four goals, and they did it every time. The first celebration doesn't bother me so much, it's the one after, when the manager gets involved. I'm not happy about that. I don't think it's good at all,” he said on ITV. He didn't have time to listen to the harsh words of the Briton, but Tite already knew that he would have problems doing this dance.

Tite defuses the controversy

This is why he explained himself at a press conference after the meeting. “I'm very careful because there are always evil spirits who will take it as disrespect. That's why I'm hiding a bit. I know the visibility there is. There is the camera. I didn't want there to be any other interpretation than my joy for the goal, for the team, for the performance. No disrespect for the opponent. » Already well criticized in Spain on this subject, Vinicius Junior did not escape questions about these festive dances. “I hope we can dance to the final. We embrace Pelé who needs strength. This win is for him.

Finally, Neymar was also entitled to a request for an explanation. As a reminder, the PSG player had been accused of arrogance when he displayed a sixth star on the auriverde shorts on social networks. A gesture that the number 10 of the Canarinha explained. “When I put the sixth star (on his shorts), it was not to disrespect the opponents, but to show what we are here for. It's a dream, a goal of a whole team. This dream is a little closer.”. Whether that will be enough to appease critics remains to be seen.

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