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An employee discovers $5,000 while cleaning the ducts of a house in Winnipeg

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Tickets bank notes found were 50 years old and were in a Nestle Quick box.


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Duct Stories employee Arthur Sanchez discovered $5,000 in an old Nestle Quik box while he was cleaning the ducts of a house in the West End neighborhood of Winnipeg.

His boss, Earl Masanque, said he was surprised by this discovery.

It's the craziest thing we've found in the last three years of work, he says. Usually we see rats, dead insects, gun bullets and nasty things.

Mr. Masanque explains that the discovery of the box had aroused the curiosity of the owner of the house and when they opened it, they saw notes stamped Ottawa 1974 inside.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">We're not sure if this is a person's savings, because it's from a long time ago. However, there were also new notes inside, he said.

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Earl Masanque and his team returned the money to the owners of the house.

It's their property, so we have no right to take all the money.

A quote from Earl Masanque, owner of Duct Stories

Mary, the owner of the house whose full name cannot be revealed for security reasons , says she is surprised by this discovery.

She believes that this money had been hidden by the previous owners of the house.

Maybe some people did that in the old days, she thinks.

Mary says she had had the house's ducts cleaned 10 years earlier and no such findings had occurred at the time.

She now plans to use this money to pay for a trip to the Philippines.

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