Women's soccer in Colombia will have the support of the United States Government

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The good results of the under-17 team and the futsal team prompted the North American country to invest in the sport practiced by women in the country

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Women's soccer in Colombia will have the support of the Government of the United States< /p>The Colombian Women's team was left with the world runner-up after falling by the minimum difference against the Spanish team by 1-0. Image: @FIFAWWC

2022 was a more than successful year for women's football with the U-17, U-20 and senior teams qualifying for their respective World Cups. Likewise, Colombia hosted the Women's Copa América that took place in the stadiums of Cali, Bucaramanga and Armenia, which left the coffee team with the runner-up after falling in the final against Brazil in the Alfonso López de la Ciudad Bonita.< /p>

Similarly, the U-20 team, under the technical leadership of Carlos Paniagua, qualified for the quarterfinals of the World Cup that took place in Costa Rica, while the U-17 squad got into the World Cup final of the category that took place in India, falling to Spain, which incidentally reached the two-time championship.

At the club level, the women also raised the name of the country with the presentation that América and Deportivo Cali had in the Women's Conmebol Libertadores in Ecuador. The teams from Valle del Cauca reached the semifinals of the competition, falling short against Boca Juniors and Palmeiras, respectively.

The cherry on the cake was provided by the Colombian women's futsal team, which became champions of the World Cup that was held in the municipality of Mosquera (Cundinamarca). Those led by Willinton Orlando Ortiz defeated their similar team from Canada in the final 12-0.

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Given this panorama of good results, women's football will have more support from the Government hand in hand with the Ministry of Sport chaired by María Isabel Urrutia. Likewise, the sport practiced by women will receive a significant economic injection from the United States.

During an event that took place this Thursday at the United States Embassy in the country's capital, which was attended by several football personalities, including the president of the Colombian Football Federation (FCF), Ramón Jesurún, to know the good news through the ambassador in Colombia, Francisco Palmeri in statements collected by AS Colombia.

“In the United States we are not just fans of sports, but we believe in the power of sports and the lessons it provides for life. Through sport young people can learn not only tactics but learn discipline and persistence. Colombia is at the top of the world with two women's teams that have shown that there are no limits for them.”

Similarly, she highlighted the role of women's soccer in the scenario of conflict in the country: “Thanks to the two National Teams, new spaces can be generated so that women can continue to grow and make a whole country dream. This is how they turn their backs on crime. With all these achievements that you reap comes an immense responsibility because you are the ones in charge of showing that there are alternatives through sport to generate a better future.”

For your On the other hand, Ramón Jesurún stressed the importance of having the alliance of the North American Government: “It is an honor that a country that works the best women's soccer, such as the United States, wants to recognize us, this is something that we will always remember ”.