Woman threw herself into a car with her baby in her arms because they took custody of her

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The woman had tried to take her own life before, so the ICBF put the girl in the care of her grandmother

Woman threw herself into a car with her baby in her arms because they took custody of her

Reference image. Firefighters from Bogotá found a lifeless body in Usaquén while looking for a missing young man.

During the night of Monday, November 7, a traffic accident was reported on the Honda-Dorada bypass, in Caracolí sector, department of Tolima: a 28-year-old woman was found run over on the main road with her three-year-old daughter in her arms. Apparently, the lady did it with the intention of ending their lives.

According to what was reported by the local media Ecos del Combeima, the woman would have tried to launch herself against several vehicles that were able to stop in time. Some people passing by realized what she was trying to do to her and tried to dissuade her, without success. However, around 9:30 at night, a car appeared that was traveling at considerable speed on the bypass. He did not have time to stop and rammed Heidy Lorena Toro and her little girl.

After being run over, Toro died instantly. Witnesses to the event noted that the girl was still alive and notified the relief agencies. Later, they took her to the San Juan de Dios Hospital, in the municipality of Honda, so that she could receive medical help. However, the minor died in the care center due to the severity of her injuries.

“The woman threw herself and her daughter into the vehicles, we do not know exactly what type of car it was. Apparently, the girl had already tried to commit suicide, in the afternoon, but since they did not pay attention to her, she went for the girl. Both died,” confirmed the commander of the Honda Fire Department, César Santana.

Media such as El Nuevo Día report that Heidy Lorena suffered from mental disorders and had previously tried to take her own life. For this reason, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF) had made the decision to withdraw custody of her daughter until she sought professional help. Meanwhile, the minor was left in charge of the grandmother.

However, the woman would have unexpectedly arrived at her mother's house to take the girl without saying a word or listening reasons, after which he reached Caracolí and threw himself into the vehicle.

Violent deaths in Colombia

According to the most recent statistical bulletin of the Colombian Institute of Legal Medicine, corresponding to September 2022, 10.22% of violent deaths in the country were suicides. Deaths by suicide increased by 11.39%: so far 2,103 people have lost their lives for this reason, 215 more than last year.

Deaths in road accidents corresponded to 29.20% of cases. People who lost their lives in traffic accidents increased by 13.6%: 6,011 people have died, 722 more than the previous year.

469 minors were victims of homicide, of which 148 were teenagers. 255 minors died in road accidents and 362 perished in off-road accidents.

Regarding suicide cases, 236 lost their lives by their own hands and 224 of them were minors between 12 and 17 years old. In total, 1,422 children and adolescents died violently between January and September of this year.