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Woman faces 44 criminal charges for animal cruelty close

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The RCMP investigation into this matter began in 2022. (File photo)


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A 48-year-old woman from Heatherton, western Newfoundland, faces a colossal number of ;criminal charges for mistreatment of animals on his farm.

Corporal Jolene Garland, of the RCMP, reports that police officers were first dispatched to the farm on April 12, 2022. They assessed that the animals on site were neglected and subjected to cruel treatment.

Several goats were found dead. Other animals appeared to be suffering from severe malnutrition and abuse.

A quote from RCMP Corporal Jolene Garland

Many animals did not receive adequate paw care, Jolene Garland points out. Some could no longer walk.

When the police are faced with a case of animal cruelty, two options are possible. Charges against the individual may be laid under the Health of Animals Act, and the matter will be handled outside of the criminal justice system. The police may also choose to lay charges under the Canadian Criminal Code. The accused is then subject to more severe sanctions and a criminal record is opened on him.

In the case of the farm in Heatherton, investigators found that the severity of the animal abuse warranted 44 criminal charges, says Jolene Garland.

It’s completely unusual, notes the corporal. It is not normal for a person to be subject to such a large number of charges under the Criminal Code.

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The surviving animals were cared for by animal health experts from the provincial Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry and Agriculture.

Woman accused of child abuse to appear in Stephenville provincial court on Monday.

Based on reporting by Ryan Cooke and BerniceHillier, fromCBC

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