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Woman detained for killing her 8-year-old daughter died in the penitentiary

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The cause of death, which occurred on January 1 at The settlement in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia has not been disclosed.


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Lisa Batstone, a woman serving an indeterminate life sentence for killing her 8-year-old daughter year-old died in custody, says the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC).

The cause of death, which occurred on January 1 at the Fraser Valley Institution in British Columbia, has not been released.

This is a split level facility for women, which has a minimum security residential type unit. p>

Warning: The remainder of this article contains details and information that some readers may find shocking.

Little Teagan's body was found in the back trunk of the family car in 2014. Lisa Batstone had held a plastic bag over her nose and mouth. the child for four to five minutes. She then attempted suicide, but failed.

The mother was convicted of second-degree murder in 2019 for the choking death of his daughter.

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In 2022, Lisa Batstone's appeal against her conviction was unsuccessful. In its decision, the Court of Appeal noted that the latter had never accepted her breakup with Teagan's father, adding that she had intended to commit suicide, but that she did not want to leave his daughter with him.

Gabe Batstone, the victim's father, emphasizes that the death of his ex-partner does not erase the pain and the loss of Teagan, whose absence is felt every day.

However, he adds, an important burden has been eased […] We no longer face the prospect of possible release, an event which would have constituted an undeniable risk for other innocent children.

Our main goal is to honor Teagan's memory and cherish the happiness that #x27;she brought into our lives.

A quote from Gabe Batstone, father of the victim

The Correctional Service of Canada will examine the circumstances of the incident, as is always the case when a death occurs during detention.

If If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, call 9-8-8, a crisis helpline available 24/7 by phone and text.

With information from The Canadian Press

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