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A woman and a dog rescued from just after falling into a frozen lake.

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RCMP officers had to use a drone to locate the woman and her dog.


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A woman and her dog were narrowly rescued by Canadian Rangers and police in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, after x27;a car fell into a frozen lake.

The incident occurred on February 2 in a remote location in Lac La Ronge, indicates the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in a press release.

Once contacted by the police, the driver informed them that she was sitting on the roof of the vehicle with her dog. The automobile was then half submerged in the water.

Once the two victims were located, the RCMP had to request help from the Canadian Rangers to help them.

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The woman and her dog were visibly shaken, but were in stable condition, Rangers Chief Warrant Officer James Vogl said. They immediately received first aid and were transported to a health center for further evaluation.

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The Canadian Rangers arrived on scene with specialized equipment for this type of rescue, such as dry suits, personal flotation devices and a canoe.

La Ronge RCMP sergeant Derek Eberle says he is satisfied with the collaboration between the two security services. p>

This is a great example of security partners working together quickly and seamlessly in an emergency situation where rescue time was essential. This interoperability is very important and it can even save lives in situations like this, he says.

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