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Wolverine: you have to see this French fan film

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar May24,2024

In around ten minutes, this French fan-film, centered on on Wolverine, comes to give a lesson to the uninspired choreographers and directors of the M.C.U. Released on May 17 on YouTube,LOGAN THE WOLF (a WOLVERINE fan film), has already been popularized. almost reached 2 million views and it's well deserved. .25.46u202famrepairedenhanced.webp” type=”image/webp”>Wolverine: you have to see this fan French film

Wolverine among the Vikings

With a budget obviously much smaller than that of Hollywood productions,the film team proposes to project the universe of the X-Men into that of the Vikings. Here, no transformed Logan; in weapon X, but a Nordic warrior who, after a ritual linked to &àgrave; the wolf rune, is invested with the powers of Wolverine. What follows is a perfectly well choreographed and framed fight scene in which this Logan's viking version gets rid of a pack of over-armed mercenaries who wish to capture him.

The real Wolverine

Be careful though, the short -film is not for the faint of heart.Although it is a very loose adaptation of theX-Men universe, you are here, paradoxically, face to face with the best and most faithful adaptation of the character. Logan/Wolverine is a little animated guy. by a bestial energy that never spares its blows. Of course, when its famous claws finally come into action, this bestiality is unleashed. results in a real bloodbath. The film never looks away and assumes extremely graphic and gory violence throughout. pain mitigated by the digital aspect of certain effects.

Wolverine: you have to see this French fan film

Au-delà of this, and obviously if the film is such a success, it is not only for its central action scene. The film is also rich in blatant love for its entirety. Thus, beyond of a Viking Wolverine, you will also be entitled to the arrival of a revisited Magneto who must confront a Logan not yet filled with adamantium. Finally, perfectly aware of having fun with the codes of the Marvel universe,the film also offers a small post-credits sequencewhich inevitably places it in the continuity of the aesthetic and narrative of the current M.C.U.

For and by Marvel fans

Face àgrave; such generosity, we can obviously only recommend this incredible Wolverine fan-film entitledLogan: The Wolf.This short film is absolutely crazy, director Godefroy Ryckewaert and the creative team behind the project have done an incredibly accomplished job bringing this story to life. their story.

Wolverine: you have to see this French fan film

If you have any ideas preconceived ideas about fan films,you need to take a look! this projectto change your mind. We are here facing; a work of passion certainly, but also and quite clearly of professionals. À Conversely, if you know the genre well, know that’we are here. at the very top of the genre basketand whichwe have rarely seen more accomplishedsince the famous Batman: Dead Endby Sandy Collora.

The public is not mistaken; andthe film is currently being talked about all over the worldthanks to filming in English (but with subtitles, rest assured) which ensures a simplified international influence. We obviously let you discover this nugget right there.

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