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Withstands anti-tank mines: paratroopers of the Armed Forces told about the Bushmaster in the Armed Forces (video)

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr11,2024

Withstands anti-tank mines: paratroopers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told about the Bushmaster in the Armed Forces (video)

Fighters say that the Australian armored vehicle withstands the impact and protects the crew from detonation on mines or sniper fire.

As early as 2022, Australia handed Ukraine dozens of MRAP Bushmaster type armored vehicles. According to the soldiers, there is nothing difficult about driving the machines. This is stated in the report Army TV.

One of the operators of Bushmaster is the 80th Separate Galician Airborne Assault Brigade. The MRAP type armored car is designed to contain anti-tank mines and ambushes. The personnel must be protected from such combat. According to the driver Oleksiy, driving the Bushmaster is not difficult.

“There's nothing complicated, the box is automatic. Automatic charging. I've never driven a right-hand drive, but nothing, I'm used to it. When a bear is taught to ride a rover, then (laughs)”, — Oleksiy said.

As the journalist said, the machine's ability to withstand mine explosions is ensured by the V-shaped bottom. The energy from the explosion dissipates to the sides. Oleksiy says that the armored car really withstands the detonation of an anti-tank mine. Fighters inside may be concussed, but remain alive. This is not the case with armored personnel carriers, Oleksiy emphasizes.

The Bushmaster combat module can have different weapons. In the report, a 7.62 mm M240 machine gun was installed on the car. A 12.7mm machine gun or a 40mm Mk19 automatic grenade launcher can also be integrated. Management takes place remotely from the inside. The “Kipish” gunner says that the control is like a game.

“The module turns on when working at a position. There is a joystick, a monitor. The machine gun is charged remotely. You can see the sight here, you can guide, shoot both during the day and at night. The joystick is like in an airplane: it turns up and down, just like in a computer game,” — “Kipish” told about the Bushmaster combat module.