Without hair and without money: this is how more than 30 women in Valle del Cauca were left when they fell into a false purchase of hair

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A woman who claimed to work for a European company that paid thousands of dollars for long braids of hair has disappeared after multiple women shaved their heads

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Without hair and without money: this is how more than 30 women in Valle del Cauca were left when they fell into a false purchase of hair hair

Women in Valle del Cauca fell on offers of thousands of dollars for their hair (Reference image – AFP)

In the municipality of Andalucía, in Valle del Cauca , more than 30 women were scammed by a person who offered them thousands of dollarsin exchange for her hair. The Valle del Cauca authorities began an investigation upon learning the story of these victims who were left without a hair and with empty pockets.

According to what was known in the complaint of those affected, a woman approached to them and introduced herself as a businesswoman who worked selling hair. Initially, this person flattered his victims' long, well-cared hair, ideal for making wigs or extensions, for which he offered them between 7,500 and 9,000 dollars depending on the length of their hair. p>

The decision was not easy to make, but the financial need of several women led them to accept the deal. In the municipality, the rumor that a person who worked for a famous European firm that paid in dollars for women's hair became a snowball that captivated 33 women, who preferred to be left without their hair, but to get hold of the large amount of green bills.

In fact, what motivated these people to shave their heads and deliver their hair is that, days before, a woman accepted the deal and received the money. With this move, the victimizer got more women motivated to give her hair to her, but to the 33 who did so later she did not pay them a single dollar

Without hair and without money: this is how more than 30 women in Valle del Cauca were left when they fell into a false purchase of hair hair

The authorities are looking for the woman who promised the money to the victims in exchange for their hair (Reference image – AFP)

However, what is surprising about the case is that the alleged scammer gave them back their hairto the victims. As they explained, days after having shaved and delivering her hair in optimal conditions to the woman, she returned with her hair and without the money, stating that she had not been able to do business with the European firm. Since then, the woman's whereabouts are unknown.

She came to give us swarms of hair and to say that the entity no longer cares for her. respond, that we have to personalize our own hair; and we can't even donate it, it's no use anymore, she didn't return it like we gave it to her ”, pointed out one of those affected to the news program 90 Minutos.

The victim added in the dialogue with the outlet that now no one responds to them for the loss of their hair and since the woman returned it to them in terrible condition, they can no longer try to sell it or donate it elsewhere. Among the victims “there is a pregnant mother, there is another woman who has a daughter with a disability, she took advantage of our needs“. p>

Authorities of Andalusia and the Government of Valle del Cauca are already aware of the women's complaint and are looking for the woman who deceived these people, because since she returned the hair she disappeared from that area in the center of the Valle.

To the local media TuBarco, the local administration confirmed that they have the information for a massive complaint against this woman and that attending to the situation through the Government Secretariat. In fact, David Chaparro, head of the office, explained that “one of our advisers has already met with at least 20 women, we will provide support, we are waiting for them to file complaints and for the Prosecutor's Office to determine how we can continue the process< /i>”.

of the woman who defrauded them to answer for the damages caused.

A journalist from the outlet that interviewed the victims published on his Twitter account that, indeed, “ The authorities are on the trail of a woman who convinced 33 women from Andalucía, Valle, to cut their hair and sell it to her in exchange for a juicy sum of money in dollars. Now the woman does not appear and victims report alleged fraud”.

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