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“Without a password, there is no control”: Misha Krupin presented a new clip

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr19,2024

"Without a password there is no control": Misha Krupin presented a new clip

Misha Krupin/YouTube

Singer and musician Misha Krupin presented the song and clip “Password”. As the artist noted earlier in the description of the teaser, this is the first release under his name in a year and a half.

The famous Ukrainian artist Misha Krupin presented a new Ukrainian-language track “Password”. He shot an atmospheric video for it.

Misha was inspired to create this composition by another trip to Donetsk region to visit the military.

You know, like in the military, before you get there, everything is by password. Every section of the road. You are constantly asked for these passwords. And so I went to my brothers, the Separate Mechanized Brigade. We are very close friends. And this trip gave an impetus for the words of the song, ideas, – shared Misha Krupin.

It is interesting that military friends of the performer starred in the music video for the track. According to him, these are people who always support him.

Also, actors I met for the first time worked with us. We had to cooperate, make a bright picture, emotions – all this was possible to do vitally and sincerely, thanks to our director Viktor Skuratovsky, – says Misha.

“Password” is surrealism in its purest form. in the form We are all so different, with different desires and different preferences, we continue to live during the war… Most foreigners cannot even imagine how cool we are.

And yes, our life is full of many different situations. The idea is to enhance emotions and create a real arthouse through visual sketches. To show how we are all different in different circumstances and still continue to live our best lives. This is music that should ignite, give strength to live brightly, – said Misha about his new clip.

Stylish images, bright and, on the contrary, completely desolate locations, constant change of shots and a certain contradiction of events, stop the look at the video work. . It is also interesting that working with director Viktor Skuratovsky inspired Misha Krupin to open up to the audience even more. The artist talks about what is happening inside him and comes out in his work – drive, chaos, aesthetics and beauty.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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