With this option on iPhone and Android cell phones, you can know how long an application is used

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On iOS and Android there are tools to limit the number of minutes an app can be open

With this option on iPhone and Android phones you will be able to find out how long an application is used

Both Android and iOS allow you to view information about the activity in the applications during the last days.

It is normal that the phone becomes a tool of daily use to work, study or entertain, so each The manufacturer offers alternatives to verify the time of general use and that of each application, as well as giving options to set limits.

For this it will not be necessary to download an additional application, but rather there is a native function that allows you to verify this information on a daily basis, at least on mobiles that have Android 9 onwards and on iPhone starting with iOS 12.

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Time of use in Android

For cell phones with the operating system of Google the tool is called Digital Wellbeing, which It will be found in Settings. There will be several functions such as Parental Control, Rest Mode, No Distraction Mode, among others.

In this case, the one that interests us is the time of use, which will be the first thing that appears with a circular graph that shows in the center the number of minutes that the cell phone has been active that day and around it the applications that have been opened. . Below the circle will appear the times the phone has been unlocked and the notifications that have been received.

By clicking on the center of the circle, in the number of minutes, another window opens with much more detailed information, showing the exact minutes in which a platform has been used and above a bar graph with the comparison of activity of the last week.

With this option on iPhone and Android phones you can find out how long an application is used

This is how app activity information looks like on Android.

In this tab there are other options, such as viewing statistics, statistics from previous days, setting timers for applications, what the stops permanently when the daily time limit is met, and changes the graph according to the number of notifications or the number of times each app was opened.

Clicking on each application will open an additional window with detailed information on that platform, its usage time in the last week, timing options and more recent data. In the case of browsers, the tool lets you see which websites were visited and the viewing time of each one.

Some brands deliver a summary to the user every week, comparing it with your activity in the previous week so that you make a healthy use of your device.

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With this option on iPhone and Android phones you can know how long an application is used

This is how the information looks about app activity on iPhone.

Screen time on iPhone

For the operating system iOSyou should go to Settings > Time of use and click on See all activity below the graph. There, information will appear on the number of minutes of activity and the option to set time limits for each app.

The graph that is displayed provides data from the last week with general statistics and specific, such as the reduction or increase of time compared to the previous days and the division according to the type of platform such as social networks, finance and others.

A differential function is that, if the If the user has 'Share between devices' enabled, information about the other phones or iPad will appear. Something that is key for parental control issues.

Other options of this tool are to set usage time limits for each application, communication limits for applications of this type and block inappropriate content on purchases and downloads.

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