Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The Progressive Conservatives will welcome a new French-speaking face to their ranks during the first nomination meeting in a riding that is not theirs.

With Roger Quimper in Edmundston, the conservatives launch the fight on liberal lands

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Roger Quimper is a candidate for the Conservative nomination in the riding of Edmundston-Vallée-des-Rivières. (archive photo)

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Blaine Higgs' conservatives begin their seduction operation in the French-speaking regions of the north. Roger Quimper will seek the Conservative nomination in the riding of Edmundston—Vallée-des-Rivières, a region which overwhelmingly supported the Liberals in 2020.

Currently a manager at Irving Oil, Roger Quimper confirmed Friday his intention to seek the nomination to become the standard bearer for the Blues in the riding.

A resident of Edmundston, he has held volunteer positions in various community groups, such as the Foire Brayonne or the Fraser Golf Club.

The inauguration meeting will take place on February 25, in the presence of the Prime Minister.

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Blaine Higgs' chief of staff, Paul D'Astous behind his prime minister, last September.

Blaine Higgs' chief of staff, Paul D'Astous, says that choosing Madawaska for this first candidacy is not a coincidence.

We already have achievements at the level of our political organizations. We are ready in Edmundston. He adds: it will follow later in other regions.

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As for Roger Quimper, he describes him as a first-class candidate. I am convinced that he will be very competitive in the 2024 election, he assures.

Like several French-speaking regions in the north, voters in the new riding of Edmundston—Vallée-des-Rivières massively turned their backs on the Conservatives during the last general election.

In 2020, liberal Jean-Claude d'Amours received 74.5% of the vote, compared to 19.6% for the conservative candidate at the time, Johanne Bérubé Gagné.

The region has long been held by the conservatives. Madeleine Dubé represented this riding for 19 years, until her departure from political life in 2018.

The next elections must take place in here in October.

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