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The Russian president revealed for the first time how many Russian soldiers were in Ukraine: 617,000, including 244,000 mobilized. He did not quantify the workforce losses.

With confidence, Putin promises victory in Ukraine | War in Ukraine

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Russian President Vladimir Putin took part in a televised press conference during which he answered questions from the press and citizens on Thursday.

Agence France-Presse

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Russia “moves forward”: Vladimir Putin, invigorated by Ukraine's difficulties, showed his confidence in a victory on Thursday during a question-and-answer session, a week later having announced his intention to stay in the Kremlin.

Confident that in 2024 time will be on his side and that the setbacks of his army in 2022 belong to the past, the Russian president answers questions from the press and citizens, a traditional exercise which he abandoned last year.

Asked about the attacks carried out by the Russian army since the end of the abortive Ukrainian counter-offensive, he expressed his satisfaction.

Practically along the entire length of the line of contact, our armed forces are improving their positions, said Mr. Putin, with the Russian military gaining ground for several weeks.

Victory will be ours.

A quote from Vladimir Putin at a press conference on television

War in Ukraine

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The head of the Kremlin has promised to visit at an unspecified date the regions of Ukraine that Moscow has claimed to annex, in September 2022.

He nevertheless admitted, for the first time, that Ukraine had succeeded in installing a bridgehead on the bank of the Dnieper occupied in the south by Russia. However, according to him, this effort is desperate. They are pushing their guys to extermination, he said.

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A Ukrainian soldier is stationed in an armored vehicle in Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region .

The Russian president has made it clear that his objectives are unchanged in Ukraine after two years of conflict: to oust the current power, which he describes as Nazi, and to destroy the military capabilities of his pro-Western neighbor to impose neutrality on it.

I remind you what we talked about: the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, its neutral status, he said declared, adding that the solution will be negotiated or obtained by force.

The Russian president revealed for the first time how many Russian soldiers were in Ukraine: 617,000, including 244,000 mobilized. A considerable force occupying some 17-18% of Ukrainian territory.

On the other hand, he has not revealed the losses of his army, the States -United estimates at 315,000 soldiers wounded or dead.

On the ground, the Russian army launched 42 drones against southern Ukraine in the night alone from Wednesday to Thursday. The Ukrainians said they killed 41, but the scale of the attack illustrates the growing military pressure from Moscow.

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian capital kyiv was targeted by ten missiles which, according to Ukrainian authorities, were all neutralized in flight. Their debris, however, injured around fifty people as it fell, the heaviest death toll in this city in months.

The Ukrainian army for its part launched nine explosive drones towards Russia during the night from Wednesday to Thursday. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, all were shot down.

Asked about the resistance of the Russian economy in the face of Western sanctions, Mr. Putin was also confident, citing the strong consolidation of Russian society, the stability of the financial and economic system and the increase of Russia's military capabilities.

It has a […] sufficient safety margin, not only to feel confident, but also to move forward.

While he admits that inflation, expected at 7.5-8% at the end of the year, is too high and has promised measures, the head of the x27;Russian state above all welcomed the forecast growth of 3.5% in 2023.

This means that we have caught up with our delay and that we have taken a big step forward.

Russia continues to sell enough of its hydrocarbons to finance the war effort. And the industry was reoriented towards state orders for arms and munitions.

The economy Russia thus seems to have absorbed the immediate shock of the sanctions, but their longer-term effects can be devastating, with the country being cut off from certain cutting-edge technologies and entire sections of the international banking system.

On the diplomatic level, Moscow can also be satisfied to see Ukraine's Western supporters quarreling over the continuation of their military aid and over the prospects of Ukraine's accession to Ukraine. EU.

Latest illustration to date, on Thursday, Prime Minister Viktor Orban affirmed upon arriving at the European summit in Brussels that the EU does not x27;was not in a position to open accession negotiations.

Do not offer a victory to Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the 27 Member States of the European Union on the same day, stressing that now is not the time to hesitation and half-measures.

According to Russian television, more than two million questions were sent to Vladimir Putin for the #x27;Thursday's show, covering Ukraine, but also daily life problems.

Like every year, certain citizens' grievances are resolved almost directly.

Thursday , children who approached Mr. Putin obtained the renovation of a sports hall in Crimea, an annexed Ukrainian territory.

The president, however, avoided responding to critical messages, sent by SMS, which appeared on a giant screen in the studio. No need to be a candidate for a new mandate. Leave room for young people, wrote a spectator.

This question-and-answer marathon is an opportunity for Mr. Putin to campaign, a week after announcing his ambition to stay in the Kremlin, at least until 2030, the year he turns 78.

The opposition has been methodically eradicated by the Kremlin, so much so that the March 2024 election appears to be a formality.

Its main detractor, the imprisoned anti-corruption activist Alexeï Navalny, has not been found for more than a week. This could mean his transfer to a penal colony with even harsher conditions, where he will have to serve his 19-year prison sentence for extremism.

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