“With all due respect to the Rib”: the best tennis player of Ukraine called the favorite player of “Dynamo”

Choosing between Rebrov and Shevchenko, Stakhovsky stopped at last

The best tennis player Serhiy Stakhovsky called his favorite football player of Kiev “Dynamo”. Stakhovsky, in may intending to speak at the first tournament after the quarantine, made a choice between Andriy Shevchenko and Serhiy Rebrov.

“With all due respect to Sergey S. Rebrov, for me the number one was Andriy Shevchenko. During his speech in the “Dynamo” I was very young, but already knew that would bundle the Rebrov – Shevchenko to create a part of any team. And I was very sorry that they went to different clubs. Loved Kakha Kaladze – crazy player! In memory postponed the strike with a penalty in the match against “Sparta” in ‘ 98 – like a cannon, and right in the center of the gate!” – admitted Sergiy Stakhovsky

"При всем уважении к Реброву": лучший теннисист Украины назвал любимого футболиста "Динамо"

By the way, Sergiy Stakhovsky, living in Budapest, admitted that he often plays tennis with Sergei Rebrov, who is now at the head of the Hungarian “Ferencvaros”.

"При всем уважении к Реброву": лучший теннисист Украины назвал любимого футболиста "Динамо"

Rebrov at the christening of the son of Stakhovsky / Photo: Instagram

“It’s more than friendship, closer to relationship. Rebrov baptized my youngest child, son Alex. Since we’ve been friends for eight years. Joint sparring? Easier to say when we’re not playing tennis. We have our own games that Rebrov and interesting, and to me to maintain useful skills. Sergey loves tennis, to expel him from the court is almost impossible. As an Amateur it demonstrates a great level of play!” – said first number of Ukrainian tennis Sergiy Stakhovsky.

Earlier we wrote that the son of Serhiy Rebrov “lit” stands in Hungary.Nikita felt for the Pope’s command – “Ferencvaros”.

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