“With a broken heart”: the painful farewell of Gaby Crassus to Rodrigo Mejia

"With a broken heart": the painful farewell of Gaby Crassus to Rodrigo Mejia

The death of actor Rodrigo Mejía took the media and various personalities of the show by surprise. Recognized for his appearance in several Televisa soap operas , his death was mourned by actor Mauricio Martínez , communicator Marta Guzmán and his own brother, producer Salvador Mejía . The one who remained silent was his wife, Gaby Crassus, until a few moments ago.

The host and personality of TV Azteca broke the silence to talk about this difficult moment in her life. Using his Instagram account, he shared with his followers a photo where the late actor accompanies her and in which they look happy and very in love . In the publication he added a message that expressed his feelings .

In the description of said post is direct: " I refuse to accept that you will never see me like this again, that you will not hug me, that I will not see that beautiful smile more than it illuminated every place you entered … ”.

Working in different companies (which have always been at odds for obvious reasons), was not an impediment for the couple to live their romance to the fullest. Not even for Rodrigo when, in June of last year, he went to surprise her in the company of his children on the set of Al Extremo the day they said goodbye to the host of the program after 11 years of being in charge.

Ese and others moments shared by the adorable couple and Gaby regretted that they will no longer be able to accumulate more: “Love of my life, why did you leave so soon? We had so many plans, so many things that we still had to do … ”, he continued in his publication on Instagram.

In the same way, Gaby tried to remember all the good that the deceased actor represented and thanked life for the family that He was able to form at his side: "We were blessed with beautiful children who are going to miss you so much …". Thus, he also thanked Rodrigo Mejía for all the timeshare. Thank you, Rodrigo. Thank you for 12 years of pure love and happiness, thank you for giving me the greatest gift: to our Vikings, thank you for being the best dad in the world, for being a loving husband, for being a great son, brother, friend … " .

Rodrigo Mejía's tragedy increased when, through his brother, Salvador Mejía, it became known that his father had also died. However, it seems that the sadness would increase, as Gaby Crassus pointed out that, in the midst of all the news of her death, the couple would have celebrated a very important anniversary: “Today that we have been dating for 12 years, I am heartbroken. pieces. ”

The host of Tv Azteca, still honest with her followers, showed that she felt vulnerable due to the loss of the“ love of her life ”. He even aroused concern in some people by writing: "Love, give me the strength to continue for Matías and Mauro and be the mother they need and deserve …"

However, when closing his message, he tried to resign himself to the The absence of her husband, in addition to making her a promise: “Be certain that I will regain strength and that your children will grow up happy and surrounded by pure love. Because that's the legacy you left us. A legacy of love, ”he wrote.

Gaby Crassus and Rodrigo Mejía were married on November 24, 2012 and had two children together: young Matías and Mauro. In fact, in November of last year, the personality of Al Extremo shared on his Intagram account a photo of the day he married the actor. This was to commemorate their wedding anniversary.

In this post, he highlighted the confidence and optimism that Gaby still maintained about the life that she saw in the future with Rodrigo. There he wrote: “Happy Anniversary, my life. And, as you say, we are going for those golden wedding anniversary. ”

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