Winter Time: When is the time change in Spain in 2020?

Winter Time: When is the time change in Spain in 2020?

Winter Time: When is the time change in Spain in 2020?

Today, September 22, fall begins but the time change to set winter time will take a while longer to arrive. Specifically, until the last weekend of October: the time change will take place at dawn from October 24 to 25, it will be then that the clocks will have to be set back to 03.00 in the morning so that they return to mark 02.00 hours. peninsular).

Because, despite the debate generated year after year with the time change, and the announcement of the abolition of the time change by the European Parliament, the truth is that this 2020 is still in force. And this time change is probably not the last. To end the time change will not be before 2021, date set by Brussels.

In Spain, the time change has occurred since the 1970s with the aim of adapting the hours of sunshine with the workers' schedules and thus favoring energy consumption savings. In practice, it supposes that dawn and dusk earlier, something that is especially noticeable in the months of December and January, when the days are shorter.


The time change can cause some symptoms, especially in the most vulnerable population, such as children or the elderly. These range from drowsiness or tiredness to inattention.

To minimize as much as possible the slight disorder that the time change can cause, experts recommend gradually modifying the schedule of meals, establishing a regular rhythm at bedtime and getting up, or not taking a nap on Sunday.

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