Winter emergency: Claudia López declares public calamity in Bogotá

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This decision will allow the different entities that are present in La Calera, to arrange everything necessary to reactivate these activities at 6:30 a.m.

Winter emergency: Claudia López declares public calamity in Bogotá

The mayoress mayoress of Bogotá made this decision during the search and response activities that are carried out in La Calera. Fotro vía:

In view of the most recent emergency events that have occurred in Bogotá, after a heavy week of rains, which have greatly affected mobility, health, the physical integrity of its inhabitants and damage to public-private furniture, the mayoress has made specific decisions to mitigate possible states of emergency.

Given this, López has declared a public calamity in Bogotá to attend to the winter emergency more quickly. According to forecasts delivered, the rains will increase in the following days and according to the Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environmental Studies this rainfall will last until February 2023.

This measure was taken during the last report delivered by the mayoress, regarding the state of emergency and the work that is currently being carried out on the road that connects Bogotá with the neighboring municipality of La Calera. In addition, López highlighted that for the different activities, 180 people, 29 dump trucks, 4 backhoes, 4 bow ties, 11 mini loaders and 8 tree crews were made available to the affected community.

“We declare public calamity for winter wave. That will allow us to have everything we need. Personally, tomorrow (Monday) at 6:30 am. I will be in the area verifying all the prevention and emergency care efforts at the PMU, and at 7:00 a.m. all teams will resume their work. Tonight we are going to leave a basic team here at the PMU in La Calera. We are working 24/7 to assist IDIGER, Firefighters and teams from the Road Maintenance Unit”, announced the mayoress.

In the last few hours, the administration enabled only one lane for the passage of machineryFor this reason, López asked the National Infrastructure Agency to order the La Calera toll concessionaire not to charge dump trucks, community vehicles and emergency teams “We are not here for you to do business in the middle of a emergency! We are making arrangements in La Calera so as not to go to Doña Juana,” he added.

“We also had to dispose of a million pesos from Idiger's petty cash for toll payments and to to continue in this way with the operations of the dump trucks”, stressed the capital's president on this point.

The mayoress of all Bogota stressed that tomorrow, Monday, November 14, the road to La Calera will continue to be closed and occasional cyclists will not be allowed to ride and for residents the road will be enabled up to the sector of Saint Louis. In the case of the enabled lane from Patios to La Calera, it will be used exclusively for emergency vehicles and machinery.

At 7:00 a.m., all the teams, made up of 180 people, resume their work.

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It should be remembered that in the last few hours, the Mayoress released a general report from the Unified Command Post, which she leads, to attend to the winter emergency in the vicinity of La Calera in a coordinated effort with the District Institute of Risk Management and Climate Change (IDIGER), the Official Fire Department, and the Secretaries of Government, Environment, Mobility, Health and Social Integration, as well as the Aqueduct, Road Maintenance Unit and personnel from the National Army, the National Police together with the Defense Civil, at kilometer six (via La Calera).

“A thousand thanks to the community of San Luis, La Capilla and La Calera, which together with the Official Fire Department of Bogotá and the District Institute for Risk Management and Climate Change – IDIGER respond to the emergency since yesterday. We have two priorities: care for those affected and enable the passage through La Calera so that machinery enters and we can remove the removed material”, highlighted the mayor Claudia López.

López indicated that the administration has managed to identify 25 affected points, 10 in Bogotá and 15 in the municipality of La Calera. Heavy rainfall left so far two people dead, identified as Ángela Patricia Peñarete, 29, and Alejandro Rodríguez, 33, and one missing person.

At least 43 families have been affected, to whom for which the administration has carried out a census, they have been supplied with water and food, and temporary shelter sites were arranged with the community to serve and care for the affected family groups.

“We agreed with the community to set up 3 shelters in community halls in La Sureña, San Luis and San Isidro with emergency kits delivered. 6pm snacks and hot food will start arriving. At the moment, painfully, we have 43 homes affected, 3 deceased and 1 missing” added López.

Winter emergency: Claudia López declares public calamity in Bogotá

The three shelters are already enabled. The community is already being served. Photo via: @felipeangell