Winter came “unexpectedly” and the Ministry of Defense did not have time to prepare soldiers for frost, – Butusov

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Winter has come "unexpectedly" and the Ministry of Defense did not have time to prepare the fighters for the cold - Butusov

At the front, a significant number of soldiers received frostbite, journalist Yuri Butusov writes in his FB post.

According to him, “low temperatures and cold steppe winds quickly reduce combat capability.”

“Unfortunately, the troops are not equipped with thermochemical or electric hand and foot warmers. The Ministry of Defense, of course, did not have time to pay attention to these problems, winter, as always, came suddenly, therefore, dear volunteers, we must do it ourselves”, — noted a military journalist.

"During intense hostilities, each fighter needs special means to warm his hands and feet. Yes, many have taken care of themselves, but the expense is constant, moving and the lack of a centralized supply complicate the supply. It is also important to provide heating pads for drone operators – There are electric hand warmers that are convenient for warming fingers. Every warrior should receive such heaters — their consumption is significant”, — he confirms.

"It is necessary to provide for everyone, because after the warming there may be frosts again", — invited Yuri Butusov. 

Prepared by: Nina Petrovich

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