Windows 10 has built-in Meet Now, dubbed the “Zoom killer”

Windows 10 has built-in Meet Now, dubbed the “Zoom killer”

The developers are developing the capabilities of the Windows 10 operating system. They are currently preparing to integrate the Meet Now feature, dubbed the “Zoom killer”.

Windows 10 has built-in Meet Now, dubbed the

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The principle of operation of the new functionality is very simple and allows you to create video conferences directly from the “Taskbar” option. For this, a new button has appeared in the menu, located in the notification area. It allows you to quickly make a session and send a link to all recipients with whom you need to contact. At the same time, there is no need to have any additional accounts. Interlocutors can get in touch by code or address. The Skype client, both desktop and web version, is used as a platform for communication. Interlocutors who do not have an account can access the application's functions. With this capability, Meet Now will be challenging Zoom.

Now there is a closed test of the next build of Windows 10. Microsoft testers speak highly of the innovation, considering this functionality very useful. There is no information yet when the updated version will become available to users, but according to forecasts, it will be in demand primarily among corporate clients who cannot use Facetime, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for conference calls.

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