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Éwind turbines in the MRC des Chenaux: after tensions, omerta

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Farmers fear being caught up in neighborhood conflicts or being targeted by opposition groups. (Archive photo)

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In the MRC des Chenaux, farmers in favor of installing wind turbines on their land refuse to speak out openly for fear of reprisals. On condition of anonymity, some said they feared being involved in neighborhood conflicts or being targeted by opposition groups.

It looks like the reign of omerta: some farmers do not want their openness to welcoming wind turbines to be publicized. One of them, who was approached by TES Canada, confided: I'm afraid of being singled out. I don't want activists in our house. It's better to keep it dead.

This climate of distrust reminds a farmer and elected official from the village of Saint-Maurice of the tension he himself experienced the day he decided to build a pigsty. Myself, when I built pigsties around twenty years ago… we felt persecuted by people from outside, remembers Mario Massicotte, municipal councilor.

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It's a bit of the same problem that comes up, except that the farmer or land owner who is approached to have a wind turbine doesn't dare talk about it. He is afraid of reprisals from ordinary people.

A quote from Mario Massicotte, farmer and municipal councilor, Saint-Maurice

To power its future green hydrogen factory, TES Canada must scatter 144 wind turbines in the villages northeast of Shawinigan. So far, 88% of farmers approached to host them have signed an agreement or expressed interest. They have wisely chosen to keep a low profile.

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Some do not want to appear publicly, for fear, perhaps not necessarily of reprisals, but of losing the good understanding they have with their neighbors and even with their fellow farmers, underlines the mayor of Saint- Luc-de-Vincennes, Daniel Houle.

A farmer who does not want to speak publicly was approached by TES Canada. He intends to meet the company even if, from the outset, he does not wish to accommodate a wind turbine, because in the long term the compensation seems insufficient to him, not to mention the impact of the roads. x27;access to his land.

You should know, explains the promoter, that signing the contract does not automatically mean the construction of wind turbines on a given property. It will depend on the final scenario of tower distribution in the region.

Another farmer who has taken refuge in anonymity says he is interested. The agreement is advantageous, he testifies. According to what he observes, a majority of farms approached are in consideration, but their owners are afraid of appearing as bad guys.

The Project TES Canada's Mauricie, announced last November, is expected to create more than 200 permanent jobs, according to the company, which is a subsidiary of Tree Energy Solutions (TES), headquartered in Belgium.

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