Wilson Sosa: “It was an experience that I wanted to live for a while”

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  • Wilson Sosa:

    Wilson Sosa with his coach Carlos Félix García.

“It feels good to return to the country with our heads held high.

These were the words of the gladiator Wilson Sosa upon his arrival in the country, Tuesday afternoon, after becoming the first Dominican athlete to win a gold medal at the I Central American and Caribbean Sea and Beach Games, which take place in Santa Marta, Colombia.

The champion of the Olympic wrestling tournament in the free modality in the 80 kilograms category, pointed out that he was the first to fight. that he was able to materialize one of his main objectives by representing the Dominican Republic as an athlete.

“Wow,  I did it! This is a medal that one yearns for, yearns for and prepares to fight for it” Sosa, who arrived He arrived on Dominican soil through the Punta Cana airport, along with his coach Carlos Félix García.

Wilson described his journey. He described the experience in Santa Marta as extraordinary, since it was his first participation outside the country.

“It was an experience that I wanted to live for a while. I enjoyed myself “I gave each competition to the maximum”, continued the director. said the native of Bayaguana, who added: what battled in each fight defending the colors of the flag with pride.

Coach Félix García considered it a good idea. how indescribable to see Wilson's achievement and be a part of it. “It was worked on. to achieve it”.

Félix García stated that he was So his student reminded him of He remembered the past when he was an athlete and represented the world. She went to the Dominican Republic in international competitions where she repeatedly won bronze medals.

&ldquoSeeing Wilson win was an experience that I wanted to live as an athlete, but I couldn't. I am very happy to see how a boy who went out of his way What did my hands do? and that fills me with pride, more than that he considers me as a father & rdquo ;, expressed & oacute; Carlos.

So much was the emotion that Carlos felt. the coach Félix García who concluded the training. saying: “The only thing I can say is we did it, mission accomplished.” Cortés in the final phase of the 80-kilogram category.

In the elimination round, the Dominican dominated the competition. 1 -0 to the Colombian Arbey Tobar and in the semifinals he defeated & oacute; 3- 0 to Micha Emmanuel Sherwin of Suriname.

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