William Dau, Daniel Quintero and Jorge Iván Ospina lead the list of mayors investigated by the Attorney General's Office

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Only the president of Cartagena has 20 open processes. The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, is also in that ranking

William Dau, Daniel Quintero and Jorge Iván Ospina lead the list of mayors investigated by the Attorney General's Office

Daniel Quintero (Medellín), William Dau (Cartagena) and Jorge Iván Ospina (Cali) are some of the mayors with the most investigations before the Attorney General's Office. PHOTOS: Colprensa

Only three mayors in the country have 31 investigations in the Attorney General's Office for different behaviors, including disrespect for different people and entities, as well as overreaching their functions and participation in politics. In fact, the mayors of four main cities appear in that sad list: Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Cartagena.

According to a document known by El Tiempo, William Dau , president of the capital of Bolívar, leads the ranking of the most investigated by the public ministry with a total of 20 entries. Last Friday, the entity announced that he will be tried next Wednesday the 16th for saying “rats” to the board of directors of the University of Cartagena.

“Apparently, the president on July 31, 2020, through local media, referred to the leaders in disrespectful and disrespectful terms, in the context of the problems caused by the election of the district comptroller of this city”, pointed out the Attorney General.

Among the harsh adjectives with which the mayor pointed out to the officials, he was heard to say that they were a “nest of rats”, “corrupt” and “scoundrels”. For the entity led by attorney Margarita Cabello, these terms would not only call into question the “rectitude” of the directors, but also “could affect their human dignity and integrity.”

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Although Dau Cahamat is the mayor with the most investigations, Jorge Iván OspinaHe is not far behind, since he is second on the list with six investigations related to apparent offenses committed as a public servant. Among them, the Attorney General's Office is carrying out an investigation into alleged acts of corruption in the Public Companies of Cali (Emcali) and the apparent linking of members of the first line to the city's mayor's office.

In that sense, he has an open process for his alleged lack of action during the public order crisis generated in the Valle del Cauca capital during the 2021 national strike. In this regard, the official told the aforementioned media outlet that he has “absolute respect” with the investigations of the entity. Daniel Quintero, mayor of Medellín follows Ospina very closely with five investigations, as does Juan Carlos Cárdenas, president of Bucaramanga.

Claudia López, on the list

The mayor of BogotáHe has two open investigations in the Attorney General's Office, according to the document known by El Tiempo. One is between 2021 and 2022, when an investigation was opened for his apparent participation in politics and for a possible omission of his duties contemplated in International Humanitarian Law and in the Constitution. Specifically, in the midst of the pandemic, the district carried out an eviction process that would have been organized by the district government.

In addition to that, it is worth mentioning that in recent days a magistrate of the Court Superior of Bogotá made a request to the Attorney General's Office arguing that the president should be investigated for her interference in justice, highlighting that she is unaware of the different norms that protect the judicial branch.

This is because López Hernández affirmed that “the branch of justice could not continue favoring impunity” after operations carried out by the authorities on October 27. “Almost 800 thieves have been caught on public transport and 80% have been set free. As long as the judicial system in Colombia believes that stealing is a sport and not a crime, we are going to have difficulties,” the mayor also stated.