Will the new session of the UN General Assembly be a catalyst for the collapse of Russia's lack of carnity?

Will the new session of the UN General Assembly be a catalyst for the collapse of Russia's lack of carnity?

Will the new session of the UN General Assembly be the catalyst for the collapse of carlessness in Russia?

The outbreak of war against Ukraine by Russia will be one of the most important topics of the most grievous meetings

12 Spring near New York completed the work of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly, on the 13th – it was declared offensive, 77 -a session, as we pass under the heading “A turning point: transformational solutions for mutual partners”. How is the current session the edge of Moscow's carlessness?

On the eve of the new season in the life of the largest international organization, it is traditionally accompanied by the current high level, if the leaders of the powers, heads of government, ministers of foreign affairs of all countries-members of the UN, which are <19 daysThis year the “high day” is held from 20 to 26 September. Apparently, US President Joe Biden, who, in front of his successor Donald Trump, takes part in the meetings, demonstrating honor to the UN, guaranteeing the payment of extras and trying to promote the leadership positions of the States in the world.

The format of Ukraine's participation in this global entry has not yet been made public. The opening of the Ukraine is scheduled for another half of the day on 21 March, tentatively it will be close to the night after the Kiev hour.


Will the new session of the UN General Assembly be the catalyst for the collapse of Russia's carlessness?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, obviously, has become the biggest wake-up call in the security sector for the entire period of the founding of the Organization of the United Nations, because in the hour of completion of the Other World War.

The Rada of Security, as the head body of the UN, in charge of international peace and security, has shown hopelessness through the presence of a new permanent member, which is the uninterrupted side of the conflict and corries with the right of veto for all possible decisions. The Rad itself, without grants of reinstatements, conducts international operations for the promotion of peace and security in different lands of the world. Another organ of the UN, the supreme and most important – the UN General Assembly, is welcome – there are no such things again. to pass at the sight of “briefings” that “declaration” – without praise, go on about the decision.

Um, one decision is procedural in nature, the right of veto is not expanded on the yak, – it was still praised: well, blame for the aggression against Ukraine at the sight of the supra-national special session of the General Assembly. Її radbezіvskі veto tezh not torkayutsya.

On June 2, the 11th supranational special session of the General Assembly praised the resolution “Aggression against Ukraine”, as it took an unprecedented number of ears “for” – 141.

Only the country of Korea, Poland, and Belarus voted against , Eritrea and Syria. 35 powers were taken away – it is important to support Russia's regimes and fallows in the form of Russian supplies to the edge of Africa, Asia and Pivdennoy America, as well as China.

This vote showed the failure of Russian diplomacy, which was aimed at supporting Putin's invasion.

The resolution signaled in Moscow a non-gay attack on military action and the removal of the military from the territory of Ukraine.

Three 4 days later Birch, the General Assembly with 140 votes praised another resolution – “Humanitarian consequences of aggression against Ukraine.” Russia, Belarus, Pivnichna Korea, Eritrea and Syria voted against.

The members of the UN again yearned for Russian military action from Ukraine and emphasized respect for the military actions of the Russian Federation, directed against the civilian population and civilian objects.

Obviously, Russia ignored all the UN documents, even if it did not have a goiter of a military nature, but played an important role in remote court processes of various levels, such as compensation for damages and attraction to one of the most dangerous military men. By the past season, Russia was clearly designated as a land-aggressor.

It is possible to be seated in the resolutions, smelled to the earnings of a large -scale vіini, “The problem of the Militariza Autonomous Republic of Crim Ta Mista Sevastopol (Ukrainian), and such a part of the Chorenaya I Azovsky Morine” 921 Rocks, “The situation of the right of people in the Timchi dial Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, Ukraine” on 16th of March, as well as in the most included before the order of the day meal session “The situation in the timing of the payback territories of Ukraine”. harsh and unambiguous formulas.

Ureshti, the UN General Assembly, at a special supranational meeting on April 7, allowed Russia the rights of the UN Radiation of the rights of people through villainy in Ukraine, after which the Russian Federation was formed on the international scene and left the RPL in a flash.

The resolutions of the General Assembly have launched a Lantzugian reaction throughout the UN system, zokrema, in the eyes of the people's rights. Thus, experts were recognized for fixing possible military mischief in the territory of Ukraine. Humanitarian organizations in the UN structure provide additional assistance to refugees and internally displaced persons.

And the UN Security Council has approved a point of order for 2022 “Promotion of Peace and Security of Ukraine”.

Will the new session of the UN General Assembly be the catalyst for the collapse of Russia's carlessness?


The system of international security, vibrating after the victory over the Nazi regime, turned out to be unfamiliar and, judging by us, in the near future, the knowledge of cardinal changes. , oskіlki for the statute will belong to the Radyansky Soyuzovі. More than that – to lunatic calls of bratty with Russia's membership in the UN itself, even though the Russian Federation is not a national successor of the organization and has never joined it, as it was passed by the Statute, but behind the powerhouse it occupied the Organization of the United Nations

.The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has repeatedly stated about the need to reform the UN. Speaking in videoconference mode at the meeting of Radbez on April 5, I said that the world can be right with “a power, as if I am transforming the right of veto in the Sake of UN Security to the right of death, as I am destroying the entire architecture of global security, as I allow evil to be without Karma.” >

Ukraine's Permanent Representative to the UN Sergiy Kislytsya is standing by his steps at the Radiation of Bezpeki about the presence of a terrorist power near the Gulf, as it occupies the space of the SRSR.

However, the situation in Radbezi is still bleak. Members of the Republic of Belarus, the leading rank of the post – the USA, Great Britain, France, China – spit on the inconsistency. For any damage to the status quo is seen on them.

Prot the fall of the Russian regime is inevitably a place of Moscow in the world, protection and in international organizations. Ukraine natomist can become a spitting grave in the international arena, in the democratic world, and її position, judging from the mustache, mother of a non-abyak wag.

About the need to reform the UN to actively speak on different levels, UN secretary general António Guterres, front and lower head of the General Assembly Abdullah Shahid and Csaba Keresh. Truth be told, there are no calls to radicalism.

Received by the States, in order to take leadership in light processes, recently voted six principles on which to work in the Republic of Belarus, and called on other members of them to do so. About this was stated at the meeting in San Francisco about the upcoming UN by the permanent US representative to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

In other words, the States are pragmatically cooperating with the members of the National Security Council for the sake of opposition.

threats to the international world and security.

Thirdly, they should be reduced in view of the suffocation of the right of veto, for the blame of the above-mentioned situations. As Thomas-Greenfield explained, be it a permanent member, who wins the right to veto for the defense of power acts of aggression, expends moral authority and may bear the cost of vodpovidalnist. Vaughn predicted that in 2009 Russia had cast 26 vetoes, up to 12 of which China had come, while the United States was worthy of the right, less than a couple of times.

Fourth, Washington is demonstrating leadership in defending human rights and fundamental freedoms. Members of the Republic of Belarus can become global leaders in defending the rights of people both at home and abroad.

Absolutely, the United States in the Republic of Belarus should be transparent and supportive of the members of the UN, the Rada Security Council took away their mandate . “For this, the members of the Republic of Belarus are guilty of frequent substantive interaction with the General Assembly, with UN bodies, with various regional groups and with a wide range of UN member states.”

By the way, Goodbye States to send the zusilla for the reformation of the UN Radbez. Let's go, zokrema, about the order, for some kind of permanent member, we can explain the reasons for the veto of the entire General Assembly. The Rada of Security can also better reflect the current global realities and slander a greater geography of different positions.

“We are not guilty of protecting the indestructible and old status quo,” the diplomat said, explaining that it is necessary to “reach a consensus in nutrition propositions for expanding membership in the Radiation of Security.

At the beginning of the work of the 77th General Assembly, US President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Enton Blinken plan to hold broad consultations on reform for the sake of security and other UN bodies.

Why change the originality of the principle, to expand it for the sake of safety for the sake of the fairness of the lesser representations of the groups of countries, like Russia and far away sitting in this important organ and blocking the robot? Hiba zobov’yazati rf to give an explanation before the General Assembly of the reasons for the veto – aren’t they the same as to put the tsap in the cabbage? Adzhe thus expands the tribune for multiplying lies and manipulations.

It is not for nothing that Russia itself has repeatedly initiated the discussion of Ukrainian nutrition at the meetings of Radbez, stroking his own leg, as if hanging out the ambassador of Ukraine to the UN, Kislytsya.


Thus, Moscow initiated a review of “the military-biological activity of the United States on the territory of Ukraine”, two – the situation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, as if it were shelling itself.

Zhodna krajina, presented in Radbezi, did not support the Russian Federation. But in such a rank, Moscow vikoristov is an authoritative maidanchik for expanding nonsense, accepting it for a little internal koristuvannya.

Which will the new session of the UN General Assembly be a catalyst for the collapse of Russia's carlessness?


Be aware that the Russian war against Ukraine's dominance is in the discussions of the 77th session of the General Assembly.

It is obvious that at the hour of the high eve of the different powers, they are talking about their own – those who hurt them more: about the shortage of food and hunger, the energy crisis, the increase in the cost of living, the lack of respect for the problem of changing the climate… putin's war. She herself overcome the food shortage, greeted the energy crisis, restored respect for climate change.

At the UN General Assembly, the main message of Ukraine is “I believe in the fact that the war, as Russia has unleashed against Ukraine, really deserves skin in the world,” appointing the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleb.

try to sit out this war behind a screen of neutrality, ”saying Vin. For this reason, the whole world can unite to achieve one goal: do not allow a permanent member of the United Nations to break the cordon of another country for the sake of security and impose their will.

The world changes, and the vitality of the UN

to the vіdpovіdalnostі. We are looking forward to the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, the session of the end of insecurity, as well as the remembrance of the UN Statute. The choice is yours, members of the UN! ”, – having declared wines, turning through social networks to the delegations of the country from New York. p>

Volodymyr Ilchenko, New York