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Will Smith: Bad Boys 4 offers a nod to the Oscar slap

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun12,2024

The famous slap that Will Smith inflicted on à Chris Rock scored the 2022 Oscars ceremony. A gesture that cost dear to the actor but he is currently away; the poster for the fourth opus of the Bad Boys franchise. A return to the big screen alongside his sidekick Martin Lawrence who was in the film. the opportunity tooffer the audience a parody of Will Smith's slap during a scene in the film.

Will Smith: Bad Boys 4 offers a nod to the Oscars slap

A slap that cost Will Smith dearly

Everyone remembers Chris Rock's joke during the 2022 Oscars ceremony that resulted in controversy. Will Smith's slap. The comedian tried his hand at à a comical comment on the cut of Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor's companion. After this gesture by Will Smith, the latter published a written statement to apologize the day after the ceremony then a few months later in a video message. But the incident was not serious. without consequences on his career, he had one of the strongest reputations in the world. Hollywood. It is now persona non grata àgrave; any event related to at the Oscarsand above all, the Bad Boys 4 project announced in 2020 and whose pre-production has begun. in January 2023, was compromised. WouldWill Smith be there or not? the poster for this opus or worse, the film would be released in the cinema after the violent gesture of one of its headliners?Will Smith: Bad Boys 4 offers a nod to the Oscar slap

Finally, Bad Boys 4< /em> or Bad Boys Ride or Die was released in theaters in France on June 5 and The Slap continues to be in theaters; the minds of many spectators. Besides, the film offers the public a parody of Will Smith's famous slap at the Oscars.


A nod to the Oscars in Bad Boys 4

In this fourth installment of Bad Boys , whose license was awarded launched in 1995, Mike and Marcus, the two friends played respectively by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, are on the run and pursued by the police. Because of Mike's panic attacks, this slows down the duo. So, to bring his sidekick back to life; reason and not to compromise their escape, Marcus delivers several slaps to his sidekick. Agreat nod to the incident that occurred during the 94th Academy Awards.

Will Smith: Bad Boys 4 offers a nod to the Oscar slap

Several American media have commented on this ; the scene in question like Variety which considers that this is a question of of a “sort of pop exorcism“. The media's chief film critic explains that these slaps are there. to punish the actor and “cruelly mock his transgression” with the aim of “allowing him to escape from the image of this ci”. For its part, the Daily Beast this “wink gag” turns out to be an inversion which amplifies Smith's crisis at the Oscars “.

Bad Boys Ride or Die is at its best. discover right now at the cinema.

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