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Will provide electricity to millions of homes: a new “floating” wind farm is presented

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jul2,2024

Ensure millions of homes with electricity: a new

The Skidbladner wind farm will include up to 147 wind turbines, and its generation will be enough to power half of Stockholm.

Swedish company Eolus has applied for a permit to build a new 2.2 GW Skidbladner offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. This is on the official Eolus website.

Skidbladner will include up to 147 wind turbines with a total height of 360 meters to the tip of the blade, mounted on floating foundations that are anchored to the seabed. The plant is expected to produce 11.7 TWh per year. According to the manufacturer, this is enough to provide electricity to millions of homes and cover the needs of half of Stockholm.

If the Swedish government gives permission, the station will be located approximately 100 kilometers southeast of Stockholm and 20 kilometers from the island of Gotska- Sanden. The construction of the station is planned to be completed by 2033.

As Anna Lundsgård, head of Eolus offshore wind energy department, notes, the main advantage of such installations is that they can be placed further from the coast, where the wind conditions are better. She emphasized that Skidbladner will be one of the first “floating” wind farms in the Baltic Sea.

“Given the huge need for new electricity generation in Sweden, offshore wind power will need to be gradually expanded over many years. Therefore, wind a power plant of this size will make a significant contribution to Sweden's electricity supply,” — added Eolus CEO Per Vitalisson.

Natasha Kumar

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