Wife Swap Premiere: Addiction to electronics and constant fights over money!

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Premier Wife Swap: Electronics Addiction and Constant Money Fights!

The latest episode of Wife Swap once again holds up a mirror to contemporary society. In it, the quirky aunt Karolína moves from the family home to a block of flats, where a harsh patriarchy rules… and calm Mirka finds herself in a household controlled by various technologies.

Premiere episode of the reality show Exchange wives, in which two women switch households for a period of ten days, which they spend under the supervision of a new partner, will appear on your screens on Wednesday, February 8 at 20:20 on TV Nova. Or already on Voyo. Rest assured that it won't be boring this time around either, as two very different ladies from two very different families run into a series of problems, arguments and fights… and maybe even some hotel “elopement”. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

The first family lives in a rented family house in the village of Předboj near Neratovice. Karolina (37)she makes a living as an IT tester, but is currently on parental leave. Her partner Jarda is an ajjak, but he is looking for a new job. Together they have three children, Daniela (5), Anežka (3) and Dominika (half a year). Karolína signed up for Wife Swap because she feels underappreciated at home and sometimes feels like a maid. Partners most often argue over parenting. It also bothers Karolína that Jarda doesn't help her much. Instead of a helping hand, he offers to buy electronic conveniences.

The second family lives in a 2+1 rental apartment in the Ostrava housing estate. Mirka (33) is on parental leave. Her partner Tomáš (31) works as a laborer in the construction industry and together they take care of four children: Petr (13), Matyáš (7), Zuzana (3) and Natália (1). Mirka does not have an easy time with the explosive Tomáš. He himself admits that he is very strict with his children and pedantic about cleaning. And he often leaves work in a bad mood. “Then I can be insane, obnoxious, mean, disgusting, but I realize that the woman is not to blame.”

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