Wife of Uncle Jim’s provides the family: recognition of a showman

Due to quarantine the income of the comedian dropped

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Супруга Дяди Жоры обеспечивает семью: признание шоумена

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Ukrainian comedian and showman Dyadya Zhora (Vadim Michkovskiy), who was recently hospitalized with a stroke of the cephalopod brain have made an unexpected confession – it contains spouse. Natalia Mickovska is a coach and expert on healthy eating.

Супруга Дяди Жоры обеспечивает семью: признание шоумена

Comedian Uncle George with his wife

During the live broadcast on the Instagram page of the program “Sravi way” podistica asked who in the family comedian earns more. Uncle George kept it real and said frankly: “At the moment, probably the wife. Because I have my activities, in my niche, as they say, full stop. So Yes. And the wife – blogger – expert on nutrition. So her niche is working online. The best business is one that works without being tied to the office.”

Details on the rehabilitation of uncle Zhora’s after a stroke find out in the story:

Also during the live broadcast, it became clear that Uncle George would never become a comedian and presenter. After receiving a law degree, artist 3.5 years worked as a legal consultant in one of the banks. And finally chose the winner of a hobby that later turned into a profession.

Recall, Uncle Zhora in front of the hospital had double vision and had a severe headache, which did not pass the next morning, so the artist Packed up and went to the clinic.

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