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Why you are not getting a raise: here are 5 possible reasons

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr14,2024

Why you are not getting a raise: here are 5 possible reasons

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Many workers occasionally find themselves denied a raise, even though they feel they deserve it. The study revealed five main reasons why this can happen.

They explained in more detail in the CATBOSS Telegram channel. Let's go through 5 points together, because of which you could not get the desired salary increase.

1. Discrepancy of expectations.For the most part, the employer and the employee may have different understandings of what is included in the concept of “deserves a promotion”. This may be due to differences in expectations and requirements for the work performed.

2. Problems in teamwork. If an employee shows high professionalism in his field, but has problems with teamwork or conflict resolution, this can become an obstacle to promotion, especially if the position involves managing a team.

3. Financial restrictions of the company.Sometimes companies may be financially constrained and unable to offer a higher salary, even if the employee deserves it.

Why you are not getting a raise: here are 5 possible reasons

The company may simply not have extra money/Photo by Drazen Zigic

4. No need for a new position. If the company does not show interest in creating the new position that the person is applying for, this may result in the promotion being delayed.

5. Special selection format. Companies may establish specific selection procedures that may require applicants to be more proactive and demonstrate their competitiveness.

So there are a number of factors that may influence why employees are not offered a promotion. Understanding these reasons can help employees work more effectively in the process of getting a raise.

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