Why woodpeckers don’t get headaches: scientific explanation

Почему у дятлов не болит голова: научное объяснение

Don’t have a headache from woodpecker — long become a catch phrase approval. Scientists have found that it was correct, and explained why. For which he was awarded the prize.

Through shooting woodpeckers pecking the tree on a high speed camera was able to calculate that they make up 20 beats per second. The speed of the beak reaches 7 m/s, and the head feels cosmic acceleration 1,000 g, but without the negative effects.

The secret of woodpeckers — in a special structure of the skull. Bone density there interspersed with spongy patches, effectively damping impact energy. In addition, at the moment of impact the muscles of the beak tense, redirecting the force vector by the brain.

For this amazing discovery American ophthalmologist Ivan Schwab, who published an article about it in the journal British Journal of Ophthalmology, received the IG Nobel prize (for two with a psychiatrist Phil may) — a mock analogue of the main scientific awards.

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