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Why the video game phenomenon Palworld is dividing the internet

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The game “Palworld” has been in early access since January 19, which means that it may contain bugs.

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Less than a month after the start of the year 2024, the gaming industry video is already enjoying its first big success: Palworld. Described cheerfully as a “Pokémon with weapons”, it managed to attract more than 6 million players in four days, according to its creator Pocket Pair, a triumph not without controversy.

Pocket Pair, a small Japanese studio, calls it an open-world survival and construction game. Palworld can be played solo, or online with up to 32 players.

On the colorful islands of Palpagos, you can craft tools, cook meals, and build shelters. We also meet around a hundred Pals, childish creatures that we capture and collect in our Paldex, then train them into combat.

Since its release without fanfare on January 19, the game – also available on Xbox – has been among the most popular on the Steam platform. On the live streaming site Twitch, it is among the most streamed and watched games on the platform.

According to Pocket Pair, Palworld sold more than 6 million copies of its game in six days, data comparable to the most recent Pokémon games: Pokémon Legends: Arceus s&# x27;sold 6.5 million copies in one week, and 10 million copies of Pokémon Violetand Pokémon Scarlet had sold out in three days.

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It must be said that many describe the title as the stroke of modernity that Pokémon fans have been waiting for for a long time, including the series, inaugurated in 1996, struggles to renew itself, according to several analysts.

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