Why the Tesla Model Y is so attractive, everywhere in Europe

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The Tesla Model Y was number 1 in electric car sales in Europe in September 2022, and everything indicates that it should remain so for a long time.

Why the Tesla Model Y is so attractive all over Europe

Not so long ago, the best-selling electric car in France was Tesla's Model 3. The model offered an attractive price allowing full benefit of bonuses and ecological premiums. But here it is: Tesla's costs have increased, and the brand has passed this on to the price of the vehicle.

To the point that it now exceeds the threshold beyond which the purchase of the vehicle is no longer encouraged in France by practically any aid. Others quickly took their place. Thus, from the first half of 2022, the biggest sales of electric cars in France were the Peugeot e-208 (up 6%), the Dacia Spring, the Fiat 500 and the Renault Zoé.


The Tesla Model Y now dethrones the Peugeot e-208 in Europe

No matter how hard we look, Tesla is no longer in the lead. Even if the Model Y is clearly a model that is attracting more and more French people. However, if we take some distance, and observe what is happening at the European level, Tesla continues to score points. And a lot, above all, precisely, thanks to the Model Y.

At the end of September, the Model Y was number 1 in car sales in Europe. And everything indicates that the vehicle will be in first place for a long time to come. The arrival of a Tesla at the top of the best-selling cars on the old continent is in itself a first – local brands are generally well established and preferred by consumers.

Customers particularly appreciate the model's formidable acceleration, the space in the cabin, its extreme maneuverability, the fact that it gives access to all the features and technologies that are so attractive to Tesla, and the 8217; access to the Supercharger network which is one of the most developed.

The price, too, if it exceeds the threshold giving access to aids, remains close to that of the Model 3, and compares favorably to equivalent SUVs, especially when comparing technical sheets and features. . The news, reported by Reuters, should in any case not please Peugeot, which has just seen the e-208 dethroned at European level.

On the continent, the Peugeot e-208 is now number 2 sales, followed by the Dacia Sandero. However, one of the factors that contributes the most to its success is also the reason why Tesla is indeed making its mark on this side of the Atlantic. The factory that Tesla has built near Berlin is beginning to reach sufficient capacity to make the vehicle available as the competition faces longer lead times.

A date, the Gigafactory in Berlin produces no less than 2,000 Tesla Model Y per week – a figure that should only increase in the coming quarters. In addition to this, the brand also imports many vehicles from China (about 20,000 are in transit at the end of this quarter).