Why the Mexicans will invade the World Cup in Qatar even if they don't win, according to UNAM

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According to the SRE, at least 60 thousand fans will arrive during the first phase of the World Cup, being one of the most numerous

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Why the Mexicans will invade the World Cup in Qatar even if they don't win, according to UNAM

Brazil and Mexico are the only teams that have managed to qualify for at least the round of 16 in the last 7 World Cups (Photo: File)

Despite the economic crisis and the bad times the National Team is experiencing, at least 60,000 Mexican fans prepare their suitcases to fly more than 13,800 kilometers to reach Qatar and cheer on their team during the World Cup, according to data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

And it is that in the last seven World Cups (from the United States 1994 to Russia 2018) green shirts, straw hats and tricolor painted faces have flooded the streets of the venues where the Aztec squad plays, being a one of the largest fans, although this great support has not been a factor in getting past the round of 16.

For Ricardo Trujillo Correa, academic of the Faculty of Psychology of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), this phenomenon has to do with the identification, because for these fans the most important thing is not the result on the pitch or the expense that attending the stadium represents, but the emotion of accompanying their National Team. This was explained in an article published in the < i>Gaceta UNAM:

Why the Mexicans will invade the World Cup in Qatar even if they don't win, according to UNAM

A Mexican woman poses before the 2018 World Cup Russia round of 16 soccer match between Brazil and Mexico at the Samara Arena (Photo: AFP)

“They have not defined what they will do or what hotel they will be in. And, sometimes, what they think is that it doesn't matter, 'I'll see what I do', where they will stay, even if it's on a bench. 'I don't know how I'm going to pay it, I'll see later, even if I sell my car. Even if they run me out of the house. All of that doesn't matter. It is not a rational calculation, but rather has an emotional logic”

He even compared said emotion to when a person of the Jewish religion, from any part of the world, goes to the Wailing Wall , located in the holy sanctuary of Jerusalem, Israel.

“It's like when someone goes to the Wailing Wall as a Jew, it doesn't really have to do with a rational issue, but with an emotional and group identification. It is fulfilling something that represents what seems to be sacred. In the Mexican case, since we no longer have the sacred, we identify ourselves in a different way”

Why the mexicans will invade the World Cup in Qatar even if they don't win, according to at the UNAM

Since 1986, the Mexicans have not seen their team reach the top eight in the tournament (Photo: Reuters)

Trujillo Correa pointed out that this identification is also related to an immediate way of life< /b>: “We invented activities and it has to do with the fact that in the villages a century ago you worked hard all year round and only had one day of festivity to enjoy and let off steam. This opposition between hard work and fun is the same mechanism.We work hard and we give ourselves these festivities to get rid of all the limitations with reality and fantasize about the party”.

But the above is not only seen in the World Cup, It could be in any media event that involves a compatriot, such as Formula 1, the Oscars or the new Marvel movie.

“Although we don't know Nothing of that. There is a group identification, also promoted by the media. For example, on September 15 and 16 we actually have few behaviors and habits of Mexican civility, but when that date comes everyone goes to the Zócalo to enjoy the party, not to claim patronage honors to the flag,” he added. .

Mindset, insufficient to win

Why the mexicans will invade the World Cup in Qatar even if they don't win, according to at UNAM

Hirving Lozano and Jesús Gallardo celebrate the goal with which Mexico beat Germany, the four-time champion, for the first time in a World Cup (Photo: Reuters)

Regarding the sports issue, the psychologist maintains that, for Mexican soccer players to have a successful World Cup, let's say reach the quarterfinals (the fifth game), they don't need to become psyched up, but rather infrastructure, work, education, culture, among other things.

“What is now seen in the Selection is that there is none of that. It is a very commercialized structure, very encouraged, very based on the immediate. So, there is no community or project for the future; it's a real disaster. In this sense, there is no basis for thinking that they could be successful and so you have to believe it. What we are going to find is that it is a form of collective deception that, in addition, is very cool because we went from the famous 'yes, we can' to the defeatist 'we couldn't,'” he concluded.