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Why the Empress of Japan wore a mask to meet Camila

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Jun29,2024

Why did the Empress of Japan wear a mask to meet Camila

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Empress Masako of Japan during her visit to Great Britain and meeting with Queen Consort Camila  put on a face mask. As it turned out, the important person did not use protection out of fear of getting sick.

So, during Camila and Masako's carriage ride, photographers noticed that the Empress of Japan was using a mask, which was essential during the Covid-19 pandemic part of our life. According to the royal reporter, the reason for this decision — allergies, and not fear of various viruses from a foreign country, report

As it turned out, Masako — allergy to horses. Her mask was quite appropriate, since royalty rode in a horse-drawn carriage.

It seems that an important person from Japan did not dare to refuse a public carriage ride, considering it a rude gesture.

And if with representatives of others While the relationship between the royals is good, internally things are not going very smoothly for the family of the British monarch. For example, Prince Harry was given an ultimatum. If he wants his children to have a famous relationship, then the Duke needs to stop criticizing his loved ones publicly, as he did after moving to the USA.

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