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Why speed will not be the only advantage of 6G networks

Natasha Kumar By Natasha Kumar Apr22,2024

Why will the speed not the only advantage of 6G networks

Telecom companies continue to invest heavily in the construction and maintenance of 5G networks. The technology is now affordable enough to find a place in various budget Android smartphones. Over time, the cost of the equipment needed to support 5G will continue to decrease.

At the same time, companies are already looking to the future and the development of 6G, which will become a reality at the end of the decade. Official representatives of Ericsson made interesting predictions about the technology at the World 5G Conference. First, 6G networks will significantly improve data transfer speeds compared to current technologies.

However, performance — this is just one area where we can expect major improvements. Ericsson experts believe that 6G will facilitate a unique interaction between the virtual world and reality. The emergence of more advanced communication and entertainment technologies is also mandatory for the realization of the metauniverse as an IT concept.

Holographic communication will gradually lose the status of science fiction and become a reality in the next decade, reports GizChina. In the future, all devices, computer systems, servers and smart machines will be in the process of constant communication.

The use of 6G technology will be a necessary condition for creating a mirror image of digital technologies in the real world. Achieving optimal unity between digital and real reality becomes its best advantage, apart from higher operating speed.

This means that the perception of the physical world can be copied, visualized and programmed in the digital realm.

Natasha Kumar

By Natasha Kumar

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