Blake Lively was the one who unleashed this clarification, on the other hand, the actor behind Deadpool explained how his career has progressed

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Why Ryan Reynolds apologized to his wife before the People’s Choice Awards/p>Ryan Reynolds was selected to be recognized as "The Icon of the People" (REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)

Ryan Reynolds actorwill be recognized with the People's Icon Award for his contributions to film and television at the People's Choice Awards; however, the interpreter of Deadpool apologized to his wife hours before the ceremony for a small mistake.

Before the awards ceremony, Ryan Reynolds went up to Instagram a photograph of Blake Lively with two people characterized as Mr. and Mrs. Clos”. In the description of the image the following could be seen:

“I cut out my wife's shoes in the photo I posted. It's unforgivable and I'm sorry to everyone I've hurt with this, call us lack of strength. On my way to the hospital to have my brain weighed,” she wrote.

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And the thing is that the day before, his wife had complained that his feet didn't come out, “My shoes”, he wrote among the Instagram comments, posting a disapproving face with “rolling eyes”. In this way, both let it be seen that her clarification was at her request, but it could not be known if it was a discussion with real anger or a simple hostile remark.

On December 5, Ryan Reynolds posted an excessively cropped image on this social network. “We met Jessica Claus and her husband on the Polar Express. She was everything she had always dreamed of since she was a child. She smelled like cinnamon buns and sangria, ”he wrote.

In the picture, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively appeared., but the former Brazilian soccer player Pelé was also tagged, as the actor wore a sweatshirt with his name. It should be noted that this journalist's health has caused concern recently, but his doctors indicated that he has already had a progressive improvement.

“No one feels iconic, I have three children and I don't have time to reflect on that , but I am very grateful to the film industry, television and marketing. I have never felt a technical advance, or like those actors who are stars from one day to the next, with me it has been very slow, ”he said during his arrival on the red carpet at the People's Choice's Awards.

Why Ryan Reynolds apologized to his wife before the People’s Choice Awards

At first, Ryan Reynolds's wife disagreed with his acquisition ( Splash News/The Grosby Group)

Although the matter of the cropped feet in the photo was a small confusion and a misunderstanding on social networks, Ryan Reynolds recently confessed that – at first – his wife did not agree with the purchase of Wrexham AFC, a football club Welsh.

b> Blake Lively.

“I remember looking at Blake saying 'I have bad news and some very bad news.' The bad news is that I private messaged someone again. The really bad news is that it was to buy a fifth division team in Wales.”

Why Ryan Reynolds apologized to his wife before People’s Choice Awards


Similarly, the 46-year-old actor recounted how his partner reconciled with the decision to acquire that club, revealing that Blake Lively He already supports Reynolds and also got involved in the new challenges he faces.

“We went to see the FA Cup final with David Beckham and it was a madness to see it through his eyes. It was interesting to hear his analysis. Blake is also obsessed with this now. After the game we were laying in bed and she said, 'Now I get it,'” the actor told the Jimmy Kimmel show.


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