Why many people don't celebrate their 40th birthday

Why many people don't celebrate their 40th birthday

Even those who do not believe in omens often do not celebrate their 40th birthday. There are several reasons why you shouldn't have a holiday on this day, and many of them are quite reasonable.

Why many people don't celebrate their 40th birthday

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In the Bible, the number 40 is related to many events: that is how many days the flood lasted, and for such a number of years Moses wandered along the desert with the Jews. According to one of the legends, after 40 years, the birthday man is left without a guardian angel, since he gains the wisdom of life and is able to make important decisions himself.

Astrologers do not recommend arranging a holiday on this occasion. They warn that from 40 to 43 years old, a person is accompanied by Uranus, which is why situations often arise during this period that do not change life for the better. Asians are sure that the number 4, and, consequently, the numbers that include it, bring misfortune. That is why they do not have apartments numbered four and fourth floors.

However, people have come up with other ways to still mark this date. For example, they see off the 39th year of their lives or are looking for another reason for fun on the calendar. You can ask guests not to give gifts associated with the number 40. Many believe that in this way they will be able to avoid negative consequences.

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