Why it is useful to convert a photo to PDF format

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High quality image files may present problems if printed directly unlike documents

Why converting a photo to PDF is useful

Converting photos to PDF

Converting files from one format to another is a capability which is very useful because certain types of files are easier to work with in certain programs or activities for editing or design.

In addition, it is possible that images that are transformed into PDF formatsare easier to print without unwanted color changes that can affect the resolution of the photograph or the quality of the work done.

To apply the conversion, which also has different ways of doing it, it is necessary to know what you want to do with the photo or image.

Why it is useful to convert a photo to PDF format

To send several images, the user can convert them to PDF to reduce the size of the file to be sent without losing quality. Credits: Pexels.

Advantages of converting images to PDF

In the case of having to send several images and in which there is a very low capacity limit for sending the files, the user can convert them to PDF. This will help to reduce the weight of the file without harming the quality of the image since in this format only what is seen is kept and the digital file in both versions has the same resolution.

On the other hand, when working with a file either in Photoshop or Illustrator and you want to send a file, converting the product to a PDF formatwill eliminate the problem of incompatibility of fonts that replaces the one that was used especially for that file in another generic one that is installed in other computers.

For people who practice photography, this format is less likely to cause color issues. You could even convert the entire file to CMYK and there will be no problem with color shading.


Adobe Photoshop 2022 has options to convert a file to PDF

How to use Photoshop to convert images to PDF

The Adobe Photoshop program it also has dedicated file conversion features to prevent data loss that can occur from sending files. The form of conversion to this format in this program is complete and can have good results compared to other options,

In the event that users decide send a JPG file to print, these types of files will experience a change in color management. Also, with the latest update to color in Pantone 's use of hues by Photoshop, if the program >detects some colors that are part of paid collections, these will be replaced by black, which would not happen in a PDF file.

To perform To convert from JPG to PDF in Photoshop, users will need to go to the File menu, then Save As and choose Photoshop PDF. Once this is done, a configuration window will open in which you must click on the Save button.

Why ; it is useful to convert a photo to PDF format

Photoshop has an option to convert files from JPG to PDF (Xataka)

Alternative ways of format conversion

Other ways to convert files from JPG to PDF it is through external applications and websites that are responsible for carrying out this process for free and without additional downloads.

Some of which can be found on the internet is Cloud Convert, Small PDF, Free PDF Converter, PDF 2 Go, among others that can help users to convert. Unlike Photoshop, however, the user of these websites has no control over the resolution or quality specifications of the final output.

For why is it useful to convert a photo to PDF

Cloudconvert website (Capture)

This is why websites are useful in situations where high image quality is not required. Otherwise, we recommend using the built-in tool in Photoshop.

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