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Vitamin C is the most widely used vitamin all over the world. This vitamin is easily available in foods, supplements and many skincare products. It is one of the most essential vitamins needed for the body to maintain its health. It acts as a booster to our immune system. You can easily incorporate this powerful antioxidant in your skincare regimen by applying Vitamin C-rich products. Before getting into the marvellous benefits of using this powerful ingredient, let us first see where this can be found.

Foods rich in Vitamin C

A number of tropical fruits and green vegetables include Vitamin C. some of them are:

  •  Guavas
  •  bell peppers 
  •  kiwifruit
  •  strawberries 
  •  Oranges
  •  papayas
  •  broccoli
  •  tomatoes
  •  kale
  •  snow peas.

Consuming these foods on alternative days can brighten up your skin and boost your immune system. Even though eating enough foods which are rich in Vitamin C can fulfill the requirements of our body, there is no guarantee that enough of this vitamin is reaching our skin. Therefore, along with the diet, we need to incorporate Vitamin C in our skincare regimen as well. 

How to use Vitamin C in skincare routine?

There are two ways you can incorporate Vitamin C in your skincare routine. One is the dietary intake and the other includes topical application. 

  1. Nutritional intake

Taking the vitamin C-rich diet and adding fruits and vegetables in your nutritional intake will not only brighten up your skin but also increase your immune system. It will make the antibodies stronger than ever before. You can also mail order prescription drugs from Canada as well which includes Vitamin C supplements. One of the best pharmacies which provides authentic supplementary products is 90daysmeds. This pharmacy caters to your requirements by providing effective medications according to your deficiency. 

  1. Topical application

Applying Vitamin C serums directly onto your skin can repair the skin damage caused by the exposure to UV rays. Too much exposure to sunlight can lose the moisture of your skin leaving it patchy and dehydrated. Vitamin C serums and moisturizers  can be applied using lasers as well. It will embed into the pores of your skin and make it all glowy. 

Benefits of Vitamin C

There are numerous benefits of Vitamin C for your skin and body which includes:

  • Boosts collagen production

Collagen is the main structural protein which is necessary for repairing skin damage. Increased collagen production can enhance the texture of the skin and make it glow. 

  • Protection against UV rays

It protects the skin from getting damaged under the sun. Sunlight can be pretty harmful for your skin so applying a sunblock along with a vitamin C moisturizer can act as a protection shield against the UV rays. 

  • Reduces inflammation

It reduces inflammation on the skin caused by redness and itchiness. It keeps the skin tone even. Discoloration can be treated by the use of Vitamin C products in your skincare regimen. 

  • Provides hydration

After the skin is exposed to sunlight, it loses its hydration leaving it dry and patchy. Vitamin C provides necessary hydration to the skin. 

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