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Why is Joe Biden not on the presidential primary ballot New Hampshire?

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Democratic voters in New Hampshire will have to write Joe Biden's name on the ballots themselves.

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Because of a bickering between the state Democratic Party and national party bodies, Democrats who wish to vote for President Joe Biden in the New Hampshire primary will have to put his name on the ballot themselves on Tuesday.

< p class="StyledBodyHtmlParagraph-sc-48221190-4 hnvfyV">We might as well say it right away, the caucuses and primaries are mainly followed by the Republican side since among the Democrats, as President Biden is seeking a second term, we already know without too much surprise that he will be the candidate designated by the Democrats [ for better or for worse]. And this, even if there are other Democratic candidates running for the party nomination.

“Secret” that is not one: they will not dethrone Joe Biden. But, the party must follow the official nomination process and this involves the caucuses and the primaries.

That said, Joe Biden may well be running for a second presidential term, he is not running in New Hampshire.

At the request of the outgoing president, the Democratic National Committee made South Carolina the first primary of 2024 on February 3, replacing Iowa as the first contest in the party's presidential selection process, but it also ordered that New Hampshire [usually first to hold primaries], move to second, on the same day as Nevada, February 6. Which offended state Democrats.

If we go back four years, the campaign for Joe Biden's Democratic presidential nomination was 36th below. Having finished 4th in the Iowa caucus [Pete Buttigieg won] and 5th in New Hampshire with 8% of the vote, he had to wait until the South Carolina primaries for the race to start going in his favor .

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Joe Biden preferred South Carolina to New Hampshire for the first primaries of the Democratic presidential nomination cycle. (File photo)

His victory in this state, where the support of African-Americans gave him a serious boost, resurrected his campaign. He then accumulated victories and obtained the nomination and won the presidential election in November 2020.

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The decision to change the dates of the primaries for the benefit of Carolina and at the expense of New Hampshire is therefore not trivial.

It must be said that it he Democratic National Committee has the final say on how the presidential nominee will be chosen. Therefore, party officials believe that state party officials violated national party rules by scheduling this race earlier than is permitted. Result: No delegates will be at stake in Tuesday's primary.

In a normal situation, the Democratic primary should have determined how the 23 delegates pledged to the presidential inauguration convention in Chicago this summer would be allocated to the different candidates.

State Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley responded wryly: It's safe to say that in New Hampshire the DNC [the Democratic National Committee] is less popular than the New Hampshire Yankees. York.

The name of Joe Biden will therefore not appear on the ballot on Tuesday in New Hampshire, alongside the 21 [! ] other candidates for the nomination, including Marianne Williamson and Dean Philips.

Some New Hampshire Democrats who are part of a group of volunteers unaffiliated with Joe Biden's re-election campaign have launched a registration drive to prevent the sitting president from losing the New Hampshire primary. This is called write-in. All you have to do is write the name of the candidate by hand on the ballot paper and then tick in their favor. Not ideal, but it happens in every election.

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Democratic activists hope Joe Biden's absence on the ballot will not discourage voters from voting for him in the Democratic primaries.

In the 2020 Democratic primary in New Hampshire – which at the time ended in a computer vote-counting fiasco that night – write-in votes were not recorded. represented only 2% of the total votes, or approximately 6000 ballots.

If the phenomenon were to become much more significant, it could increase the workload of local election clerks and officials. But then again, New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan said he expected results to be available on primary night, including a tally of write-in votes. favor of Joe Biden.

Still, organizers of the registration campaign have begun to lower expectations regarding the Democratic president's performance in Tuesday's vote. Because even if Joe Biden is supported by Democratic voters, having to register his name requires additional effort. So, the group warns that actual support among New Hampshire Democrats and independents may not be huge.

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Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips hopes to take advantage of Joe Biden's absence on the ballot to get a score honorable in the New Hampshire primaries.

According to a mid-November poll by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, about 65 percent of state Democratic voters said they intended to ;write the name of the president for the primaries.

Andrew Smith, political scientist at the University of New Hampshire, is however not worried about the fate of Joe Biden. I don't think the registration drive or Biden not being on the ballot is going to embarrass him. He'll probably win fairly comfortably in the primaries.

Moreover, the chairman of the state Democratic Party, Ray Buckley, however cut short any speculation on the results, whatever they may be. The reality is that Joe Biden will win the New Hampshire primary in January, he will be re-elected in Chicago [during the Democratic convention] and he will be re-elected next November, he said. he said.

Will New Hampshire Democratic delegates really be ignored at next August's Democratic convention in Chicago because of this internal dispute? That would risk alienating the state's most influential Democrats, who would play a critical role in mobilizing supporters in a state where general elections alternate. Another option would be to seat all New Hampshire delegates, but give them half or a fraction of a full vote at the convention. The national party could also decide to do nothing.

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Some Democrats are campaigning to encourage voters to write Joe Biden's name on primary ballots in New Hampshire.

Be aware that in 2008 When Michigan and Florida held primaries earlier than party rules allowed, the Democratic National Committee initially declared that those two states would be deprived of all their delegates. But, behind the scenes, there were negotiations that allowed delegates from both states to have their votes counted in the name of party unity.

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